Guided Tours

Interested in a guided tour of the Pea Ridge National Military Park? Caravan tours are offered regularly throughout the summer. Contact the visitor center for more information.

Fall photo of the parks driving tour road. Photo taken in the early morning on a fall day with fog hovering over the battlefield.
Photo of the battlefield tour road in the early morning.

NPS photo by Park Guide Sirena Evans

Pea Ridge National Military Park has a cell phone tour brought to you by OnCell Audio. Short audio clips provide more information about the Battle of Pea Ridge, the men who fought here, local flora and fauna and the impact of the American Civil War on the people of Northwest Arkansas.


Pea Ridge Naional Military Park Cell Phone Tour

Cell Phone Tour Instructions

To listen to one of the informational clips:
DIAL (479) 877-3052
Enter the appropriate cell phone tour stop number to listen to one of our informational clips: For example, if you want to listen to the Trail of Tears clip, enter "10" when you arrive at tour stop 1. If you want to learn more about Brig General Samuel R Curtis, enter "21" at tour stop 2.

When you call the OnCell phone number, you will enter the number of the wayside stop you want to listen to and a "0" with that number. The cell phone tour numbers and tour stops to play them at are as follows:

10 - Trail of Tears: At tour stop # 1
20 - Colonel Alexander Asboth (US): At tour stop # 2
21 - Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis (US): At tour stop # 2
30 - Leetown Hamlet: At tour stop # 3
40 - Leetown Battlefield: At tour stop # 4
41 - Colonel Peter J. Osterhaus: At tour stop # 4
42 - Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch (CS): At tour stop # 4
43 - Colonel Jefferson C. Davis (US): At tour stop # 4
44 - Colonel Louis Hebert (CS): At tour stop # 4
45 - Fight in Morgan's Woods: At tour stop # 4
50 - Colonel Stand Watie (CS): At tour stop # 5
51 - Brigadier General James McIntosh (CS): At tour stop # 5
52 - Fight at Foster's Farm: At tour stop # 5
60 - Medal of Honor Recipients: At tour stop # 6
80 - History of Elkhorn Tavern: At tour stop # 8
81 - Cox Family History: At tour stop # 8
82 - Colonel Eugene Carr (US): At tour stop # 8
83 - Major General Earl Van Dorn (CS): At tour stop # 8
90 - Colonel Francis J. Herron (US): At tour stop #9
91 - Major General Sterling Price (CS): At tour stop # 9

By dialing the tour number, you agree to the use of your cell phone or land line, you agree to the use of your phones plan and data minutes usage.
Round image of the America's National Park Passport Stamp for Pea Ridge National Military Park, Spring of 2020, virtual tour
America's National Passport Stamp for Pea Ridge National Military Park's Virtual Tour, Spring 2020.

American National (formally Eastern National), National Park Passport Stamp Program in association with Pea Ridge National Military Park.

Pea Ridge National Military Park
Virtual Tour
Passpost Canellation
Stamp Spring 2020

Ranger Badge Image, with writing on badge stating, Junior Ranger, Pea Ridge NMP, Virtual Tour Spring 2020, with a ranger hat image, then writing belong that says, Explore, Learn, Protect
Here is the Virtual Tour Junior Ranger Badge for Pea Ridge National Military Park Spring 2020.

American National (formally Eastern National) and Pea Ridge National Military Park.

Junior Ranger Virtural Tour Badge
Pea Ridge National Military Park
Spring 2020

Last updated: April 23, 2020

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