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Pea Ridge National Military Park Junior Ranger program is a way to introduce all ages to the history of the battle and natural wonders of the Ozarks. This self-guided Junior Ranger program can be used for all ages.

The park has two versions of the Junior Ranger booklet. There is a booklet for ages 4-9 and a booklet for ages 10-18. A badge is awarded to those who complete the requirements. Both children and adults benefit by learning more about the park and sharing the fun of becoming a Junior Ranger.

The requirements include but are not limited to, completing as much of the booklet that is possible for the participant(s). Rangers are looking for effort and completion of the booklet.

After completing the age-appropriate booklet the participant(s) can mail or bring the booklet to a Ranger at the park’s visitor center. After the Ranger has reviewed the participant(s) booklet, the Ranger will sign the booklet. If the participant(s) has come to the visitor center in person, the Ranger will ask one to say the Jr. Ranger pledge with them. Then participant(s) are awarded an official Pea Ridge National Military Park Junior Ranger badge. If the booklet has been mailed in a Ranger will mail it the back to the participant(s), with a Jr. Ranger badge.

Pea Ridge National Military Parks badge is currently a wooden badge in the shape of the National Park Service Ranger badges and has a Ranger flat had in the middle of it. The badge has writing carved into it, “Junior Ranger, Pea Ridge National Military Park, Junior Ranger, Explore- Learn- Protect”.

Jr.-Ranger logo
Jr. Ranger logo

National Park Service

If a Junior Ranger booklet is requested to be mailed out to participants, please allow 2 to 4 weeks for the booklet to arrive.

If one would like to have a completed Junior Ranger Booklet Signed by the mail:

1. Write your name, email address and mailing address on the back of the Junior Ranger booklet.

2. Mail your completed Jr. Ranger Booklet too:
Pea Ridge National Military Park
Jr. Ranger Program
15930 National Park DR
Garfield, AR 72732

-When the park receives your completed Junior Ranger Booklet. A Ranger will check and sign the booklet and mail it and a badge back to you. Remember you must include your mailing address and name to receive the booklet and badge. -

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for the booklet to arrive.

If you have any questions please email:

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