Thomas Rogers Kimball

Quick Facts

Place of Birth:
Linwood, Ohio
Date of Birth:
April 19, 1862
Place of Death:
Omaha, Nebraska
Date of Death:
September 7, 1934

Thomas Rogers Kimball of Omaha, Nebraska was a famous architect who designed the original buildings at Battle Mountain Sanitarium in a Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival style using local sandstone. His career in architecture began University of Nebraska for two years before going to Massachusetts, where he studied art in Boston and completed a three-year course in architecture at M.I.T. 

The facility of Battle Mountain Sanitarium was also inspired by the Romanesque Revival style that was prominent in the town of Hot Springs. With the help of George E. Kessler, both men designed the landscape of the campus. In 1915, the construction of 204 pink sandstone stairs, referred to as the Grand Staircase, connected the resort district of Hot Springs to the Battle Mountain Sanitarium. The campus remains largely intact and unaltered from when it was a National Home branch with the addition of only a few new buildings. 

Last updated: September 20, 2018