Sandy Waugh Bradshaw

Flight Attendant (Crew) of Flight 93
Flight Attendant Sandy Waugh Bradshaw

Quick Facts

Age: 38
Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina
Occupation: Flight Attendant, United Airlines

Thirty-eight year old Sandy Waugh Bradshaw, a native of Climax, North Carolina, always wanted to be a Flight Attendant, the perfect career for someone who loved meeting people and traveling. After eleven years in the field, she was now flying only two trips per month, allowing her time at home with her two toddlers, her teenage stepdaughter, and her husband, a pilot for US Airways. When faced with the hijack situation on September 11, Bradshaw called United Airlines to report the emergency and describe the terrorists. Then she called her husband in their Greensboro, North Carolina home. He recalls Sandy saying that she and others on the plane were boiling water to throw on the hijackers. As the call ended, she reported that everyone was running up to first class.

Last updated: October 20, 2021