Harry Bailey

Quick Facts

Served in the US Arm Harbor Craft Detachment during the World War II Aleutian campaign.

Harry Bailey served with the US Army Harbor Craft Detachment during World War II. Harry’s service was not on the large vessels and supply ships but on the small coastal and inter-island vessels such as the power barges, tugs and freight passenger ships that supplied food and equipment to the bases in the Aleutian Islands.

Through his years of service in Alaska he experienced the weather that the Aleutians are notorious for and recalls some of the most memorable voyages. He describes what life was like for a young service man in the Aleutians during the war; what he ate, where he lived and how he passed the time.

Download a full narrative from Harry Bailey telling his story in great detail.

Listen to the Harry tell his story in an interview including his experience in training, dealing with the weather in the Aleutian Islands, and assisting bombing task forces.

Last updated: October 19, 2017