George Herold

Black and white photo of a young man in a sailor suit.
George Herold in Honolulu, 1942

Courtesy George Herold

Quick Facts

Enlisted in the US Navy and stationed in the Aleutians during World War II

George Herold longed to be part of a submarine crew and enlisting in the US Navy he was given an opportunity. While in training at the Quartermaster Signal man School in Pearl Harbor, George witnessed the Japanese bombing . Later, in the Aleutian Islands, George was aboard the S-27 when it was grounded and sunk off Amchitka. He served on the USS Finback, USS Picuda and USS Amberjack during the war. In an interview George, and his friend and sometime sub-mate Harry Suomi, talk about his rescue from Amchitka, nearly getting blown up on the Finback and about life on a sub. George’s story in voice and images begins below.

Listen to George tell his story or download a full transcript of the interview.
Explore photographs from George's time in the Aleutians.

Last updated: October 19, 2017