Colleen L. Fraser

Passenger of Flight 93
Colleen L. Fraser

Quick Facts
Flight 93 Passenger
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:

Age: 51
Hometown: Elizabeth, New Jersey
Occupation: Executive Director, Progressive Center for Independent Living
Reason for travel: Attending a seminar

Colleen L. Fraser was a passionate and tireless advocate for people with disabilities. A native of Elizabeth, New Jersey, and a graduate of Rutgers University, Fraser helped draft the “Americans with Disabilities Act.” She carried a tiny copy of the Constitution with her to encourage those with disabilities to become their own advocates. At just 4’ 6” tall, Fraser herself relied on a cane and a mobility scooter. On September 11, Fraser was flying to a grant-writing seminar in Reno, Nevada, hoping to become more effective as Executive Director of the Progressive Center for Independent Living. She also served as Vice Chair of the New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council. Fraser is remembered for her flair, her determination, and for inspiring others. She was survived by her siblings.

Last updated: October 20, 2021