Claiborne Jackson

Photo of Claiborne Jackson
Claiborne Jackson

Quick Facts

Wartime governor of Missouri
Place Of Birth:
Fleming County, KY
Date Of Birth:
April 4, 1806
Place Of Death:
Little Rock, AR
Date Of Death:
December 6, 1862
Place Of Burial:
Arrow City, MO
Cemetery Name:
Sappington Cemetery

Claiborne Jackson, governor of Missouri from 1860 until his death in 1862, was a pro-slavery Democrat who called for Missouri's secession from the Union at the beginning of the Civil War. Unsuccessful in this attempt, Jackson attempted to arm the state militia from the federal arsenal in St. Louis, but was repulsed by U.S. troops sent to put down insurrection. When Abraham Lincoln called for all states raise troops to supply to the Union army, Jackson refused, calling the cause of the Union an "unholy crusade."

On October 28, 1861, in Neosho, Missouri, some secessionist members of the Missouri General Assembly met with Jackson and passed an ordinance of secession. The Confederacy recognized Missouri as its 12th state, with Jackson as governor. However, Union forces occupied almost all of Missouri and Jackson took refuge in Arkansas. On December 6, 1862, Jackson died of stomach cancer at age 56 in Little Rock.

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