Walter "Andy" Anderson

black and white photo of a man leaning against a metal background
Walter "Andy" Andersen, 1944. Hut 32, Cape Wrangell, Attu Island, Alaska

Courtesy of Walter Anderson, Aerographer's Mate, 2nd Class, US Navy, Circa 1944-1945

Quick Facts

Served as a US Navy aerographer on Attu Island during the Aleutian Campaign
Place of Birth:
Chicago, Illinois

Walter "Andy" Anderson (also known as "Skip") grew up in Chicago, Illinois and was drafted to service for the US Navy during World War II while working at A.M Castle and Company. He was trained as an aerographer and served at the US Naval Air Station on Attu, Alaska where he was stationed at a remote outpost at Cape Wrangell on the west side of the island.

He talks about the weather on Attu, living in a quonset hut, making pets out the local wildlife and the duties of an aerographer in Alaska. Anderson resides in California with his wife and four children nearby.

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Last updated: October 19, 2017