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Utilize Electronic Newsletters

An electronic newsletter is becoming the preferred method of fundraising and friendraising. Newsletters are sent by email only to those who have subscribed and can include:

  • direct and indirect solicitations
  • advocacy alerts
  • upcoming fundraising events
  • calls for volunteers
  • jobs that may be of interest
  • new features on the Web site
  • updates or breaking news
  • updates about where donations are being spent

Readers will rely on your newsletters if they are timely and reliable. Give supporters the opportunity to pass along the email to a friend or colleague with a “Forward to a Friend” button or opt out of receiving future messages with an “Unsubscribe” button. The former will help build your subscriber base, and ultimately, your donor base.

Provide subscribers with the opportunity to donate to your organization with a link to the Web site's donation form, and include a “wish list” of items that could be donated or financed, and include information on planned giving opportunities.

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