(Insert office location)

Supervised by the Board of Directors, ____________(insert name of Friends Group)

A. Position Summary

The Executive Director is responsible for the fundraising, financial systems and staffing of the ______________(insert name of Friends Group), under policy guidance and fiscal controls established by the Board of Directors of the _________(insert name of Friends Group). This position requires working closely and in harmony with the Superintendent of the ____________(insert name of park) and the National Park Service. The Executive Director also has a particular responsibility to develop and execute a successful fundraising plan for the _________(insert name of Friends Group) in coordination with the Board of Director and in cooperation with the Superintendent of _________(insert name of park) and his/her staff and the National Park Service.

B. Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • In cooperation with the Board of Directors and the Superintendent, develop short and long range plans for the _________ (insert name of Friends Group).

  • Prepare the ____________(insert name of Friends Group)'s annual budget and quarterly financial statements for Board review, at least a week before the meetings.

  • Manage all personnel actions, including the employment, training, supervision and termination of ____________ (insert name of Friends Group) staff, as well as general administration of all _____________ (insert name of Friends Group) activities and the safeguarding of ___________ (insert name of Friends Group) assets.

  • Assist in the selection of and ensure close coordination with professional organizations such as those providing audit, investment advisory, legal and other support services.

  • Schedule, prepare, coordinate and carry out all meetings, including the annual board meeting.

  • Provide the Board with comprehensive, continuously updated review and analysis of the status and the effectiveness of _____________(insert name of Friends Group) activities and projects.


  • Raise operating funds, through solicitations; grant proposals and/or special events to cover annual operating expenses in coordination with the Board, the Superintendent and National Park Service guidelines.

  • Direct and carry out the preparation of grant proposals to appropriate agencies and foundations and properly administer granted funds.

  • Develop and execute a successful capital campaign for the construction of a cultural and visitor center at the Park in cooperation with the Board, Superintendent and national park Service and any other fundraising agent selected by the Board.

  • Identify and cultivate major donors and solicit gifts from individual, corporate and foundation sources, in coordination with the Capital Campaign.

Community and Public Relations

  • Work with the Board, ____________(insert name of Friends Group)staff, Park support groups, concessionaires and National Park Service personnel to establish and promote partnerships and effective collaborations to further the ____________(insert name of Friends Group)'s mission.

  • Promote the mission of the ____________________________(insert name of Friends Group) with the public. Coordinate media contacts and press releases carefully with the Superintendent. Work closely with the Chair of the Board and the Superintendent on those occasions when the Board Chair is the appropriate spokesperson.

C. Minimum Qualifications

  • Strong and proven fundraising abilities, including the preparation of grant proposals and the ability to effectively represent the ____________(insert name of Friends Group) in personal contacts with individuals, businesses, and charitable foundations.

  • Proven leadership skills with the ability to formulate and articulate both specific goals and the long-term vision of the ____________(insert name of Friends Group).

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills as well as developed problem solving skills, initiative and the ability to be sensitive, flexible and creative when problems arise.

  • An in-depth knowledge of financial management, marketing and budget planning as well as experience working with financial statements and investment portfolios.

  • Management experience in non-profit operations or in National Park Service operations.

  • Sensitivity to the cultural and natural history, archeology, ecology, geography, resource use of ______________(insert name of the park), Awareness of Native American issues. The ability to integrate and utilize the specific history, cultural significant and importance regionally and nationally, and internationally of the _______________(insert name of the park).

  • Must be thoroughly familiar with training, counseling appraisal and coaching techniques to obtain the most efficient use of staff and volunteers.

Physical Demands and Work Environments

  • Office environment: normal routine will involve deskwork and working at a computer terminal.

  • Travel and some hiking as part of donor orientation in the Park may be required.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Send resumes to: _____________. No phone calls please.