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Strengthening NPS Partnerships

To grow and strengthen effective partnerships, we in the National Park Service need to develop insights into the ingredients of successful partnerships and what makes them work or fail. We work in and understand the organizational culture of the NPS but to partner effectively requires us to understand the organizational culture, mission, roles, responsibilities, legal and operational challenges, needs and agendas of each of our diverse partners.

NPS partnerships with other government agencies with related missions are usually the easiest to work in. Partnerships with nonprofits and corporations offer more of a challenge unless we have walked in their shoes.

This portion of the Webpage provides a cross section of partnering information to give you context and insights to strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with partnering organizations.

Here is an Independence Day editorial from retired general Tommy Franks, currently on the Board of the National Park Foundation, inviting American's to get involved in supporting their National Parks.

For an overview of NPS partnership activities in the Northeast and an assessment of strategic support needs, visit Nonprofit Partnerships in the Northeast Region.

Information on examples of successful park partnerships throughout NPS can be found in the Case Studies section of this website.

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