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Lava Beds National Monument Research Facility

Point of Contact: Dave Larson, Chief of Resources Management

The Partners: Lava Beds National Monument and the Cave Research Foundation

The Project
A 2,000 square foot research facility at Lava Beds National Monument was constructed in December 2004 to replace an old housing unit used by the Cave Research Foundation (CRF). The former condemned structure was in disrepair - infested with rodents, damaged by holes in the walls and floors, and lacking insulation - and was scheduled to be razed but it burned down before it could be razed. The new facility includes lab, sleeping and eating areas; accommodates small meetings and conferences of up to 50 persons; and is wired for the latest technology. The completed building now houses and enables improved education programming for schools and colleges and be used by CFR and others involved in research.

How They Did It
Following the fire, the park approached the Cave Research Foundation about initiating a fund raising campaign for a new structure on the site. The regional CRF chapter got orientation in fundraising, and in two years raised $250,000 and donated in-kind services valued between $50,000 and $60,000. The park prepared the building pad, brought utilities to the site, and supervised the construction by the CFR contractor.

The park will operate and maintain the building. The Cave Research Foundation is furnishing the building with equipment and will most likely support IT services, help with utilities and assist with exterior improvements and additional exterior decorative rock work.

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