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Partnership Snapshots

These partnership snapshots provide brief overviews of short-term NPS partnership projects. They offer glimpses into projects which parks and their partners are or have been engaged in, how these projects were accomplished, project costs, and the nature of the partner's involvement.

With assistance from public, private and nonprofit partners in the form of funding, goods and in-kind services, parks accomplish projects that otherwise wouldn't be feasible. For example, at Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historic Park, an historic Whirley crane was relocated to an historic park setting with help from city officials and local businesses who donated the crane and in-kind services. Lava Beds National Monument was able to rebuild a research facility destroyed by fire after a foundation raised the funds and donated in-kind services.

To find out more about these and other partnership projects, click on the links below:

For an in-depth look at longer-term NPS partnerships, including details about project accomplishments, success factors and park/partner frustrations, check out the Case Studies section of the web page at

Share Your Partnership Experience!

Share your partnership projects on our partnership snapshots page. Simply fill out the snapshot page form and email in to the address indicated on the sheet. Please send images that convey the story.

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