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Point-of-Purchase Donation Programs

Exploring Lodging and Point-of-Purchase Donation Programs Beyond Park Boundaries

Many park partners are developing lodging and point-of-purchase donation programs with businesses outside the park boundaries. These programs are modeled on the in-park Guest Donation Program. Park partners are exploring the opportunity to develop lodging and point-of-purchase donation programs with businesses such as lodges, hotels, bed and breakfasts, tour operators 1, car rental companies, and other businesses that operate in surrounding communities. Such arrangements offer park-related promotional opportunities as well as a way to enable businesses and their customers to help support the parks.

In negotiating the arrangements with local businesses we recommend that partners use protocols similar to those established by the Guest Donation Program to ensure that donors understand how the funds will be used and by whom. It is important to have a written agreement and a system in place to formalize the arrangement and ensure accountability of funds collected. In these cases, the program host business would periodically transfer funds collected to a designated account managed by the park Friends Group to support the park. It also affords an opportunity for the Friends Group to expand its visibility in the community while providing information at the business site on how these donations benefit the park.

Authorization for this type of fundraising may be included in the basic partnership agreement between the park and partner and can be added through an amendment or modification to an existing agreement, in either case the authorization must follow the guidelines on corporate campaigns found in Director's Order #21.

One example of how a park partner has strategized to establish a lodging and point-of-purchase donation program is the Friends of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

1 When a park partner seeks to develop this program with an Incidental Business Permit (IBP) or Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) holder the arrangement must be set up under the NPS Guest Donation Program as these entities are considered in the same category as concessions in the application of DO #21.

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