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Online Fundraising

Internet-based fundraising is transforming charitable giving. Savvy nonprofits recognize the Internet as a significant cost-effective medium for fundraising, marketing and helping to build and foster relationships with constituents. Donors see on-line giving as a convenient, direct and low overhead way to maximize the value of their gift.

A successful online fundraising program begins with an interactive Web site and an email communications program that helps build relationships with constituents. Another component to an online fundraising program that is often overlooked by many nonprofits is a strategy for attracting new visitors and donors to their Web site.

With the growing importance of the Internet, its widespread influence and use, nonprofits have new opportunities to garner support and communicate with their constituents. Email is a new, timely and cost-effective way to communicate with donors and keep constituents informed. Even groups with small budgets can offer a number of services through their Web site such as taking online credit card donations, signing up new members, providing searchable databases on donor activity, and offering surveys.

Internet fundraising complements rather than replaces conventional fundraising efforts. But it is definitely changing the way organizations raise funds. The Internet provides a platform to educate, enhance relationships and engage potential donors -- some of whom may not otherwise be aware of your nonprofit's mission.

On-line donation transactions can occur on park partner Web sites that are linked to park Web sites. Park Web sites can describe opportunities to support parks needs and can provide a direct link to park partners Web sites which can process donor transactions.

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