Partnership Development Assistant - (Northeast Region)

GS-301-09 - Planning and Partnership Directorate

The incumbent serves as Development Assistant in the Office of Park Partnerships in the Northeast Region and is under the supervision of the Associate Regional Director, Planning and Partnerships directorate. Incumbent works closely with NER Partnership Office staff and is responsible for researching and analyzing partnership efforts currently in place service-wide, as well as identifying NER parks which would further benefit from engaging in partnerships.

A. Major Duties and Responsibilities
Works with NPS staff to identify projects/programs appropriate for private sector support.

Researches partnerships within the NER and other regions of the NPS, creating a reference of case studies and best practices.

Gathers partnership information throughout the regions to broaden the NER's initiatives and create a service-wide network of parks and partnerships support.

Writes proposals, fact sheets, press releases, brochures and other materials needed to disseminate information about donor funded programs.

Creates and maintains Partnership page on NPS website and compiles other information as needed about the individual projects undertaken and completed with donations and the cumulative impact of donations.

B. Factors

Knowledge Required by the Position
General knowledge and experience of NPS partnership programs particularly with non-profit organizations.

General knowledge of NPS functional areas including interpretation, park operations, resource management, public affairs, training and publications.

Knowledge of NPS policies, practices and mandates particularly as they relate to DO #21, fundraising and donor recognition.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with NPS and representatives of a variety of private and public sector organizations.

Strong oral and written communication skills.

Ability to meet short deadlines requiring thoughtful analysis and evaluation.

Supervisory Controls
Incumbent exercises initiative and independent judgment to complete assignments with little or no supervision, according to office policies. Incumbent is under the general supervision of the ARD, Partnership Office. Incumbent receives direct assignments for a significant portion of the workload, and recognizes office needs and initiates certain functions, with approval of supervisor.

Incumbent carries out partnership program duties in accordance with established policies guidelines and instructions of the office, NPS, and the Department. Exercises limited discretion and judgment in applying guidelines to specific situations.

Assignments involve analyses of private sector partnership programs that may have a park-specific focus, service-wide effects, or anything in between. Existing partnerships must be researched thoroughly and apply creative concepts to other situations and partnership opportunities within the NER. The review of donor-generated materials requires an understanding of the impact of the donation on NPS activities, the mutual and individual goals of all partners, and the application of service policies.

Scope and Effect
Work helps ensure that service-wide partnerships processes become familiar within the partnership arena, and that there is an exchange of information and viable networking to more efficiently launch partnership efforts. Work has a direct impact on the successful development of appropriate funding partners and the ability to increase levels of financial and other support in a manner that supports the NPS mission and is within legal and policy requirements.

Personal Contacts
Contacts are with NPS staff service-wide, and staff of other NPS non-profit support organizations and representatives of private sector partners.

Purpose of Contacts
Contacts are for the purpose of providing information, identifying funding needs, checking accuracy of materials, and coordinating activities among a variety of partners.

Physical Demands
Should be able to work occasional long hours and tolerate stressful situations. Some travel is required.

Work Environment
Work is performed primarily in an office setting.