Board Member Statement of Agreement

It's good idea to establish upfront and periodically review a clear understanding of responsibilities and guidelines for board members and the non profit organization executive staff alike. The following is a model statement of agreement you can adapt for this purpose.


Dates of term___________________________________________

As a board member of ________________________________________, I understand that my duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • I am fiscally responsible, with the other board members, for this organization. It is my duty to know what our budget is and to take an active part in planning the budget and implementing the fundraising to meet it.
  • I am legally responsible to this organization. I am responsible to know and approve all policies and programs and to oversee their implementation.
  • I am morally responsible for the health and well-being of this organization. As a member of the board, I have pledged myself to carry out this organization's mission of _________. I am fully committed and dedicated to this mission.
  • I will give what is for me a significant financial donation. I may give this as a onetime donation each year, or I may pledge to give a certain amount several times during the year.
  • I will actively engage in fundraising for this organization in whatever ways are best suited to me. These may include individual solicitation, special events, or writing mail appeals and the like.
  • I will attend ___ (#) board meetings every year and be available for phone consultation. I understand that commitment to this board will involve a good deal of time and will probably not involve less than (#) hours per month.
  • I understand no quotas have been set and no rigid standards of measurement and achievement have been formed. Every board member is making a statement of faith about every other board member. We are trusting each other to carry out the above agreements to the best of our ability, each in our own way, with knowledge, support and approval of all. I know if I fail to act in good faith I must resign, or someone from the board may ask me to resign.

In its turn, this organization is responsible to me in a number of ways:

  • I will be sent, without request, quarterly financial reports which allow me to meet the prudent person section of the law.
  • I can call on the NPS and organization's staff to discuss programs and policies, goals and objectives as appropriate.
  • Board members and staff will respond in a straightforward and thorough fashion to any questions I have that I feel necessary to carry out my fiscal, legal, and moral responsibilities to this organization.
___________________________________ ________________
Board Member Signature Date
___________________________________ ________________
Organization Executive Date

Board Member Code of Ethics

As a member of the board team, I will:

  • Listen carefully to my teammates.
  • Respect the opinion of my fellow board members.
  • Respect and support the majority decisions of the board.
  • Recognize all authority is vested in the full board only when it meets in legal session.
  • Keep well-informed of developments related to issues which may come before the board.
  • Participate actively in board meetings and actions.
  • Bring to the attention of the board any issues I believe will have an adverse effect on ____(org.) or those we serve.
  • Refer complaints to the proper level on the chain of command.
  • Recognize my job is to ensure the ________________ (org.) is well-managed, rather than attempt to directly manage the organization myself.
  • Represent all the people this nonprofit serves and not a particular geographic area or interest group.
  • Consider myself a trustee of _______ (org.) and do my best to ensure it is well-maintained, financially secure, growing and always operating in the best interests of our mission and those we serve.

Note: Agreement adapted from article, "Recruiting Better Board Members", by Kim Klein, published in the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, no publication date.