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Lighting of Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Description: The OSRAM SYLVANIA joined the National Park Service in the relighting of the exterior and portions of the interior of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, one of Washington's most recognized landmarks and an icon of our democracy. OSRAM SYLVANIA, a subsidiary of Siemens Corporation, is the North American division of the world's second largest lamp and materials manufacturer. The National Park Foundation provided support throughout the project.

The project resulted in an energy savings of 80%, uses 20% fewer fixtures, and provides lighting over 30% more area. It also provides residents and visitors with enhanced viewing of the structure, its classical architecture, and the monumental sculpture of Thomas Jefferson. The project also marked the 100th anniversary of OSRAM SYLVANIA and the 200th anniversary of the inauguration of the nation's third president.

The state-of-the-art legacy of light gift, estimated in excess of $900,000, was the vision of now-retired OSRAM SYLVANIA President Dean Langford. Langford, also co-chairman of the Alliance To Save Energy, was seeking a high-profile project to commemorate the company's 100th birthday in 2001. Fellow members of the Alliance suggested talking with the National Park Service and National Park Foundation to renovate the outdated lighting of the Jefferson Memorial. The project was completed and presented to the public on October 23, 2001.

Following design approvals by the National Park Service, and the Commission of Fine Arts in Washington, D.C., OSRAM SYLVANIA worked from July to early September 2001 to create long-life, high-efficiency light sources for the memorial, which first opened to the public in 1943.

The previous lighting was installed 35 years prior. Installation of the lighting system was complete in 60 days. Four areas were illuminated for the first time: the memorial stairs, the pediment, the interior dome, and the interior dome text frieze. The frieze, which encircles the interior of the dome at its base, is illuminated by 17,000 light emitting diodes (LEDs) demonstrating cutting edge technology and with energy savings and long life.

In addition, the lighting design enhances public safety, preserves the historic cultural landscape, and highlights the numerous architectural features of the memorial. The computerized lighting control system decreases maintenance and operating costs while increasing system sustainability.

Geographic area covered: The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is situated at the south edge of the Tidal Basin, south of the White House in Washington, D.C.

List of Partners and Relationships: OSRAM SYLVANIA, the National Park Foundation, the National Park Service.

Accomplishments to date: Significantly enhanced historic icon while substantially improving energy efficiency, public safety and the National Park Service's ability to sustain the memorial.

Key success factors: NPS and OSRAM SYLVANIA had shared goals and worked collaboratively to reach them. Both OSRAM SYLVANIA and NPS dedicated significant amounts of senior and executive staff time.

Frustrations: No frustrations, the partners were wonderfully patient with our process and the approvals that were required.

Most important lessons learned to date: The OSRAM Sylvania project team made all the difference in every aspect of the project. Wish we could clone great partners like those fine folks. They were patient, learned a lot about the federal government, taught us about marketing and public affairs outreach, and had a stewardship ethic in their gift. The project celebration was supposed to be on September 12th, 2001 and everyone from their corporate offices was here in DC on the 11th when the hijackings took place. Immediately they started the drive back to Boston, and there wasn't a second thought about holding off until a more appropriate time to turn on the new lights.

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Prepared by: Lisa Mendelson-Ielmini Date posted: 9/30/03
Phone: 202-208-4621

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Lighting of Thomas Jefferson Memorial
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Cover of Architectural Lighting Magazine, August/September 2001
EPA Secretary Christine Whitman, then Sylvania President Dean Langford, Director Mainella, Interior Secretary Gale Norton at celebration event turning on the new lights
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