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Dynamics of Successful Partnerships

Most of us are familiar with Thomas Edison's quote, "Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration." It is significant that inspiration comes first. We can readily recall people, places and events that have given us lifelong inspiration that guides our educational choices, and who and what we work for on the job and during our time away from the job. We each have heroes and quotes that inspire and motivate us to give our best and succeed.

Here is a sampling of quotes, success factors and road-tested advice from National Park Service professionals, partners and leaders to inspire and motivate you and those you work with to make the most of your partnership opportunities. Some of the most successful partnership practitioners present their top ten or more lists for good partnering.

Fundraising and volunteerism in the current recession provides strategies for developing and sustaining successful partnerships during the current downturn.

You also are encouraged to check out the partnership case studies-each case study provides key success factors.

If you wish to share your personal motivators and success factors related to partnerships that you think may be useful to others, please submit them via e-mail to or and we'll consider them for this section.

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