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Col. Milton F. "Bud" Halsey, A Sparkplug for Success

NPS Partner Col. Milton F. 'Bud' Halsey
The Fort Barry Nike Missile Site SF-88 Volunteers is a community-based partnership whose members served at Nike missile air defense sites during the Cold War era. The group formed specifically to restore the historic Nike Site SF-88L, at Fort Barry in the Marin Headlands of Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The Nike Missile Site SF-88 Volunteers restored the abandoned and derelict site into the most complete Nike Missile site today in the United States.

The "sparkplug" for the success of the preservation effort was the late Col. Milton F. "Bud" Halsey, U.S Army (ret.). A 6'6" energetic mountain of a man, Bud used skills honed during a thirty-year Army career to track down the remaining Nike Missile site equipment and resources needed to haul 18 trailer loads to Fort Barry from around the country to put the Nike Missile site back together. His vision and leadership helped recruit and organize the volunteer Nike veterans and encouraged the National Park Service to take an interest in fully restoring the site.

Brian O'Neill, Superintendent of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, comments on Col. Bud Halsey:

Bud Halsey was a leader who inspired others to his vision. He applied the same mission focus he had as a colonel in the U.S. Army to lead a tremendous volunteer effort that restored one of the most important historic resources in the country.

Stephen Haller, Historian at Golden Gate National Recreation Area, comments on Bud Halsey:

Bud was the visionary for the restoration of the Nike Missile site in the Marin Headlands and for the volunteers that worked there. He used the experience and contacts gained from his rank as colonel and years in the Army to obtain technical assistance, spare parts, and missile equipment that would ordinarily have been unavailable to the National Park Service. His networking and leadership formed the core around which numerous Nike veterans rallied to perform many thousands of hours of skilled and unskilled labor to restore the site.

Bud participated in the Nike Missile site project because he felt driven to protect the nation's military heritage. He received satisfaction in taking on a leadership role that allowed him to control an operation much like he was used to in the military.

Bud was a leader. When he said "jump," you said "how high sir?" He also had an unparalled knowledge of Army procedures that paid off handsomely at the Nike Missile site.

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Col. Milton F. "Bud" Halsey, A Sparkplug for Success
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