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Drive Web Traffic to the Site

With the Internet exceeding two billion pages, organizations involved in online fundraising need to capture the attention of the millions of people who access information daily from the Web. Simply building a site will not guarantee visitors. To drive traffic to your Web site, register it with search engines such as Google or Yahoo for free and include the Web site address in communications — ie. radio, TV, marketing brochures, newsletters or print advertising — with supporters.

Studies show that 80 percent to 85 percent of initial visits to a Web site begin with a query to a search engine ("Fundraising Online - Using the Internet to Raise Serious Money for Your Nonprofit Organization," Gary Grobman and Gay Grant, 2006.). The figures illustrate the importance of building and developing a search engine marketing and optimization campaign. Purchase appropriate keywords from major search engines to ensure that they appear when potential donors try to find them, place metatags (a special html tag that provides information about a Web page such as who created the page, how often it is updated, what the page is about and which keywords represent the page's content) in HTML to enhance search engine results placement, include numerous links to your site (which affect search engine rankings), and add new content to increase traffic to the Web site as much as possible.

Place a “Forward to a Friend” button on the home page. The strategy, known as "viral marketing", allows visitors to send an email about an organization to someone he or she knows.

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