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Donor Profiles

The most inspiring aspects of park philanthropy are: the range of people who give, the difference their gifts continue to make in the parks over the decades, and their personal motivations for choosing to give to parks. This section is intended to put a face on continuing philanthropy to the National Park System. Here are profiles of donors that include what they gave and why they gave. These profiles underscore the convictions of individual, foundation and corporate donors who came to view their national parks as both important to the quality of life of present and future generations and the place they felt they could truly make a difference. It is important for the National Park Service and our partners to share profiles of donor generosity to both provide well-deserved appreciation and to inspire others to give.

Most units in the National Park System have some history of philanthropy since the time the park was established and in some cases prior. Since most donors are inspired by their experiences in individual national park units, it is logical that each park should profile the difference that donors continue to make in their park in order to inspire others to invest in the stewardship of their park. These donor profiles can be made visible to the public through printed and on-line features and portfolios in park newsletters, pamphlets, exhibits, displays, kiosks, press releases and the park's website.

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