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Partnership header Great Sand Dunes staff with partners (USFS, Bureau of Reclamation, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, USGS, Colorado Natural Heritage Program, NatureServe and The Nature Conservancy) on the close out meeting for a newly completed map and classification of the park and surrounding area's vegetation


Articles or other displays of donor names in park or friends groups'newsletters provide recognition to donors and allow an opportunity to explain to the public what kinds of projects and activities are made possible and levels of giving. Donors can also be recognized in the donor's media through corporate and foundation newsletters, magazines or annual reports either in print or online. Articles can also generate broader public awareness and interest in making donations and motivate some to give more to be listed in a higher giving category.

Online donor information can be updated immediately and incorporated into fundraising materials, newsletters, calendars, pamphlets and programs for a variety of uses and audiences. This is probably the most visible, cost-effective, and flexible form of recognition to post and update.

Gifts to parks are newsworthy, particularly in regional or local newspapers. Press conferences can be arranged for donors. Press releases can be written and sent announcing specific gifts and/or progress toward the overall fund raising goal. Feature articles can be offered to newspapers, magazines and radio and television media. Larger newspapers can also be enlisted for the cause to reach a larger potential donor pool.

Friends of Great Smoky Mountains recognizes a sampling of larger donations. Their newsletters include a feature, the Leadership Gift Box which lists gifts of $1,000 to $10,000. Larger gifts of $10,000 or more are generally recognized with a feature article.

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