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Donor Recognition Plans

Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund, Arizona Memorial Museum Association
USS Arizona Memorial, National Park Service
January 18, 2005

National Park Service Director's Order #21 defines an effective framework for publicly acknowledging important donors in an appropriately tasteful, non-obtrusive and non-commercial manner. This donor recognition plan follows that guideline.

The Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund (PHMF)/Arizona Memorial Museum Association (AMMA) and the USS Arizona Memorial/National Park Service donor recognition program include the following:

1. Ongoing Donor Acknowledgement Activities

  • Timely receipts and letters of acknowledgment for appropriate AMMA officials as appropriate for donations received
  • Letters of acknowledgement may be sent from the USS Arizona Memorial superintendent for major gifts and grants ($100,000 or more)
  • Publicity: news releases and articles in public media, and articles in PHMF publications, to acknowledge major gifts and grants ($25,000 or more)
  • Special donor appreciation events (receptions, dinners, etc.) to acknowledge and thank donors either individually (generally $1,000,000 or more) or in groups ($10,000 or more)
  • Mementos and certificates presented to donors for their own off-site display and enjoyment ($10,000 or more)
  • Credit lines and listings of donors in:
    • PHMF publications (including annual reports, donors of $100+)
    • Public print media (occasional recognition ads, donors of $10,000+)
    • Electronic display at the replaced visitor center (computer kiosk that will access donor and memorial registries, donors of $25+)
    • Temporary Donor Wall listing corporate donors ($100,000+) and individual donors ($10,000+) to be displayed until the Donor Recognition Wall is completed
    • PHMF Websites (donors of $10,000+)
    • Programs at special public or campaign events (various levels depending on the event)

2. Physical Forms of Major Donor Recognition At The Park

  • Donor Recognition Wall At The Museum Or Visitor Center
    A distinctive, non-obtrusive wall listing donors of significant gifts (the wall will be on display for a minimum of fifteen years), $10,000 and higher. A strategic, highly visible location and design will be determined with the architect and the National Park Service. (During the design and construction period there will be temporary signage displaying donors at these levels.)

    Members of the Pearl Harbor Legacy Society who have left, or have pledged to leave, a minimum of $10,000 will be recognized under this banner on the donor wall.

  • Donor Recognition In The Theater Prior To The Movie
    Those donors giving $1,000,000 or more would have their names projected on the screen prior to the movie starting. This would continue for 10 years.

3. Special Event Recognition

PHMF fundraising may include special public events that are underwritten by donors or sponsors. They would be acknowledged publicly at the events via such means as banners, posters, signs, printed T-shirts and attire, printed programs and flyers, and audio-visual presentations. Donor logos and script would be invited for such recognitions. These events would not occur on National Park Service property.

No form of product or service advertising or marketing, explicit or implied, would be permitted in any donor recognition. Donor logos and script would be permitted in some donor recognition articles and ads, but they will not be included in donor listings at the USS Arizona Memorial to include but not be limited to the: donor wall, website, computer registry, plaques etc. Donor logos and script will not be used where it could be inferred that the National Park Service is endorsing a company or product.

Requests by donors for anonymity would be respected in all cases.

*In June 2010 the Arizona Memorial Museum Association changed its name to the Pacific Historic Parks.

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