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Partnership header Great Sand Dunes staff with partners (USFS, Bureau of Reclamation, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, USGS, Colorado Natural Heritage Program, NatureServe and The Nature Conservancy) on the close out meeting for a newly completed map and classification of the park and surrounding area's vegetation

Special NPS Events

Special celebratory events are used to recognize or thank donors, acknowledge reaching a fundraising campaign goal, celebrate the opening of a facility, or launch a program. The primary guidance for holding special events is found in Director's Order #53 on Special Park Uses and in Special Directive 95-11. Director's Order #21 applies to NPS donor or partner recognition at these events.

For NPS-sponsored events, the name of the event must predominate. At events, NPS can provide appropriate recognition for event sponsors as long as corporate names are not used in any way that would suggest endorsement of a product or company or be considered commercial solicitation. NPS may recognize corporate sponsors by limited use of corporate logos and name script on event facilities, signs and literature provided that the size, scale, scope and location of corporate logos and name script does not dominate the event facilities or area. This is to ensure that there is no intrusion or appearance of intrusion of commercialization in the park.

The purpose in this case is to acknowledge the sponsor. To ensure against the appearance of endorsement, make sure beforehand that there is an agreement in place that spells out responsibilities and conditions, including acceptance of the gift and donor recognition signs.

On-site notices (e.g. banners) must be appropriate to the character and scale of the event. The park manager is allowed to display event notices for a period of time in advance of the event to encourage public attendance. Sponsors are permitted to establish a temporary hospitality area for sponsored special events.

Distribution of free or sample products is permitted at events co-sponsored by NPS only if the item is directly related to the purpose of the event (e.g. plastic bags for a clean-up day) or is consumable at the event and is pre-approved by the park superintendent. The items may be imprinted with the name of the event and recognized sponsors by name (using name script if desired), logo and website address.

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