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Partnership header Great Sand Dunes staff with partners (USFS, Bureau of Reclamation, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, USGS, Colorado Natural Heritage Program, NatureServe and The Nature Conservancy) on the close out meeting for a newly completed map and classification of the park and surrounding area's vegetation


Mementos such as books, framed certificates, photos, art pieces, park lapel pins, models, plaques or other park- or project-related mementos are appropriate expressions of appreciation and help reinforce a donor's affinity for the park. These are often presented in conjunction with other forms of recognition events depending on the nature and level of the donation. These items can also be sent to the donor, presented in a simple ceremony, or tied to media events or other activities.

Donors can carry mementos away from these ceremonies and celebrations, and display them in their homes and offices as a daily reminder of their good deed and contribution to your park or program. The recognition should be appropriate for the magnitude of the gift. At a minimum, the piece should have a quality look that people would be proud to display. These displays become topics of discussion with the donor's extended family, friends and business associates, and may inspire others to become involved and support your park. The more tasteful and distinctive the recognition is, the more meaningful and effective it will be. A good criterion is whether it is something you would be proud to display in your home or office.

A piece of the Half Dome ascent cable that had been replaced at Yosemite NP was given by the Yosemite Fund to donors who contributed $250 or more to support trails in the park.

Image taken from Approach Journal of the Yosemite Fund, Spring/Summer 2005

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