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Foundation Giving and Recognition

Foundation giving comes from family foundations, community foundations, and philanthropic/education foundations. The motivations of family foundations are similar to those of individuals. Recognition should be similar to recognizing individuals.

Community foundations seek local impact and visibility through their giving. Most philanthropic/educational foundations seek to achieve focused outcomes and are interested in results targeted to the giving priorities of their particular organization. Foundations can be recognized in numerous ways, such as press events, dedications, annual reports, videos, testimonials and in presentations to their Boards, staff and organization.

Foundations carry out their mission through their participation in your project. They want NPS nonprofit partners to announce how their funding participation in an NPS project forwarded the donor foundation's mission and helped accomplish its goals. Many nonprofits generally have missions compatible with that of the NPS. In recognizing foundations, the Yellowstone Park Foundation put out a press release for each donation, noted the donation in their annual report, and provided periodic status reports to update the foundations on how the donation/grant was being used.

There are three excellent times to recognize foundations - the first is to announce receipt of the gift, the second is when the project or program is launched, and the third is at completion of a project or major completion milestones.

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