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NPS Donation Box Policy

Only NPS donation boxes and partner donation boxes, which provide 100 percent of the collections to the NPS, are permitted on park property. All collection devices must clearly inform the public how the money will be used by the park. This information serves as a defacto letter of tender for the donor. Without it, monies collected in a donation box must be considered miscellaneous receipts to the U.S. Treasury. NPS donation boxes may be placed only on NPS property or on property jointly administered by, or for the benefit of, the NPS.

Partner's donation boxes should recognize the role of an NPS partner in collecting donations under its agreement with the park. Funds received from NPS donation boxes on jointly administered property (e.g. joint visitor centers, heritage areas, leased facilities outside of parks) must be accounted for in the same manner as those located on park property.

The signage text and placement of all donation boxes in parks needs to be approved by the park superintendent. On-site collection of donations is covered under the National Park Service's basic donations policy and in Director's Order 21 Section 6.3.1

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