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NPS Policies, Director's Orders, Rules & Guidelines

The National Park Service has several sources of detailed written guidance to help managers make day-to-day decisions. The primary source of guidance is the publication Management Policies 2006. The policies contained therein are applicable Service-wide. They reflect the overall management philosophy of the National Park Service. Director's Orders supplement and may amend Management Policies. Reference Guides or Manuals contain comprehensive information in support of field and programmatic operations. A typical handbook or reference manual will include relevant legislation, regulations, management policies, other instructions or requirements issued through a Director's Order, as well as examples, illustrations, recommended practices, forms, etc.

National Park Service Office of Policy
This NPS Office of Policy web page offers one stop shopping for NPS policies, regulations, director's orders, laws, executive orders, advisory/operating committees and national leadership documents.

Director's Orders and Related Documents
This web page is a directory with links to NPS Director's Orders, Reference Manuals, and Handbooks.

Director's Order #21 on Donations and Fundraising includes comprehensive guidance for partnering with friends organizations and other nonprofit groups to ensure that park integrity is maintained while flexibility is provided to park managers.

Director's Order #21: Donations and Fundraising

Summary of changes to DO #21

Reference Guide to Director's Order #21: Donations and Fundraising (This link will take you to the Reference Guide tied to the 2006 edition of DO #21. Most of the materials in the Reference Guide are applicable to the revision; the update is underway and will be posted shortly, so please check back!)

DO #21 Reference Guide Chapter 6.3.1 Update
This update and the associated charts address the concerns and recommendations identified in the 2012 Office of the Inspector General Audit Report entitled, National Park Service Visitor Donation Boxes.

The following links provide frequently used NPS policy information on specific partnership areas:

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