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Capital Campaigns - Building Better Partnership Projects

In 2004, the National Park Service adopted a Building Better Partnership Projects (BBPP) process to provide a combination protocol/roadmap/checklist to help ensure that partnership-assisted construction projects in National Parks are properly designed, vetted and managed and that the fundraising campaign is slated for success.

The BBPP process applies to all construction projects over $500,000. They require Development Advisory Board approval. Capital campaign-assisted construction projects of $1,000,000 or over must have NPS Director approval. Regional Directors have approval authority for capital campaigns under $1,000,000.

Capital campaign-assisted construction projects of $5,000,000 or greater also require congressional approval. Start your coordination of these projects with both your Regional Office Partnership Chief and Development Advisory Board Coordinator, who will likely be in the Facilities Management Office.

Capital campaign-assisted construction projects are now required to follow the BBPP which integrates Development Advisory Board reviews and approvals, Directors Order #21 - Donations and Fundraising clearances, and NPS planning, design and construction processes. The BBPP process is intended to help ensure that:

  • the project is appropriately designed and sized for the park
  • the capital campaign will succeed in raising all the needed funds (verified through a campaign feasibility/planning study) without having to turn to Congress to make up any difference the campaign can't raise
  • the project can be staffed and maintained over time
  • there is proper compliance with and oversight of design and construction
  • all appropriate parties, including the Department and Congress, are aware and supportive of the projects. The NPS is required to submit an annual report on BBPP to Congress.

While BBPP may look intimidating, it is simply a consolidation of currently required processes.

To assist you in using the BBPP, attached are the following resources:

Director's Order #21 Donations and Fundraising includes comprehensive guidance.

Director's Order #21: Donations and Fundraising
Reference Guide to Director's Order #21: Donations and Fundraising
Briefing Statement

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