The Grand Portage Story
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ON THE COVER: On the misty shore of Lake Superior, the reconstructed North West Company depot at Grand Portage National Monument rises to greet visitors much as the original post greeted voyageurs in the late 1700s. (Virginia Danfelt—National Park Service, Grand Portage National Monument, Grand Portage, Minn.)

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1. The Boundary of East and West

2. First Contact

3. Across the Divide

4. The Hurly-Burly of Business

5. Roots of Community

6. The Boundary of Cultures


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This book was produced as a joint project of Grand Portage National Monument and the Minnesota Historical Society. Major funding was provided by the National Park Service, and additional funds came from contributions to the Society made by numerous individuals and organizations in support of Grand Portage history.

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Gilman, Carolyn, 1954— The Grand Portage story / Carolyn Gilman with research by Alan R. Woolworth.

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Includes bibliographical references (p.) and index.

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1. Grand Portage Region (Minn.)—History. 2. Grand Portage
National Monument (Minn.)—History. I. Woolworth, Alan R. (Alan
Roland), 1924—. II. Title.
F614.G7G55 1992
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