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Lorraine Mintzmyer

                                          by Linda Olson

Lorraine Mintzmyer

A native Iowan, Lorraine Mintzmyer studied business administration at Iowa State Teachers College and the University of Nebraska. She joined the National Park Service in 1959 as secretary in the Midwest Regional Office in Omaha. After holding several positions, she became the chief of Programming and Budget in Omaha and in 1973 became the superintendent of Herbert Hoover National Historic Site In 1975 Lorraine entered the Departmental Manager Development Program and was assigned the superintendency of Buffalo National River. In 1978 she became the deputy regional director of the Southwest Region in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and in 1979 the regional director of the Southwest Region. In 1980 Lorraine was selected for the regional directorship of the Rocky Mountain Region in Denver, Colorado, with management responsibility for 41 national park system areas located in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota, and Arizona.

Lorraine Mintzmyer is one of many women and minorities who have made significant contributions to the National Park Service. Her "firsts" are legendary: first female programming officer for a region, first female superintendent of a major National Park Service area, first female deputy regional director, first female regional director. And by no means have these been token placements. Lorraine's dedication and hard work have been rewarded with both of the Department of the Interior's highest honor awards: the Meritorious Service Award in 1981 and the Distinguished Service Award in 1988. Lorraine Mintzmyer is an inspiration to all employees of the National Park Service, and her achievements represent a special challenge and goal for women and minorities.

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