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I. In the Beginning: 1872 - 1916

II. The Landscape Influence: 1916 - 1918

III. The Formative Decade: 1918 - 1927

IV. Maturity Achived: 1927 - 1932

V. Roosevelt's Emergancy Programs: 1933 - 1935

VI. The Decline: 1935 - 1942


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Author's Note

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Rustic Architecture:
1916 - 1942

Authors' Note:

Major research was initiated by W. C. T., L. E. S., and H. G. L. during spring and summer 1976. Subsequent research was done on Chapters I and IV by L. E. S., on Chapters II and III by W. C. T., and on Chapters V and VI by H. G. L. The Introduction and Chapters II through VI were written by W. C. T. ; Chapter I was written by L. E. S. ; plates were prepared by H. G. L.


William C. Tweed, Historian
Laura E. Soulliere, Architectural Historian
Henry G. Law, Architect

National Park Service
Western Regional Office
Division of Culutral Resource Management
February, 1977

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