Mountaineering in the Rocky Mountain National Park
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Index of peaks

By way of introduction


PART I—Suggestions, notes, and information

The Rocky Mountain National Park
National forests
How to reach the Rocky Mountain National Park
One-day trips
Suggested schedule of trips
Contour map
Named peaks exceeding 11,000 feet in altitude
The passes
Guides and camping facilities
Camping outfit
Check list of clothing and equipment
Health and hygiene
Notes on food
Various suggestions
Distance, elevation, and time
Use of the word "park"
Mountain registers on Longs Peak and other mountains
Weather and climatology
Temperature and precipitation at Longs Peak Inn
Evergreens of northern Colorado
Six characteristic mountain birds
Key to Colorado squirrels, chipmunks, and gophers
Your friend, the mountain

PART II—The peaks and how to reach them

Arrangement of reports
Longs Peak
   Climbing Longs Peak by moonlight
   A fast climb up Longs Peak
   Longs Peak by various routes
   Longs Peak from the north side
   Another trip up Longs Peak from the north side
Other peaks accessible from Longs Peak post office
   Mount Meeker
Peaks of the Mummy Range
   Mummy Mountain
   Hagues Peak
   Hallett Glacier and Hagues Peak
   Mount Fairchild
   Ypsilon Mountain
   Mount Chiquita
   Mount Chapin
   Mummy Mountain, Mount Fairchild, and Ypsilon Mountain
Other peaks of the Continental Divide and east side accessible from Estes Park
   Specimen Mountain
   Stones Peak
   Stones Peak from the east
   Flattop Mountain, Hallett Peak, and Taylor Peak
   Otis Peak
   Otis Peak from the Loch
   Taylor Peak and McHenrys Peak
Peaks accessible from Wild Basin
   Pagoda, Longs Peak and Mount Meeker
   Mount Orton and Chiefs Head
   Chiefs Head
   Mount Alice, Lake Nanita, and Tanima Peak
   Mount Copeland
   Meadow Mountain and Mount St. Vrain
Peaks accessible from Middle St. Vrain Creek
   Mount Audubon
Peaks accessible from Ward
   Paiute Peak
   Paiute Horn
   Pawnee Peak
Peaks accessible from North Boulder Creek
   Two ascents of Navajo Peak
   Arikaree Peak
   Kiowa Peak
   Arapaho Peaks
   Mount Neva
Peaks accessible from the west slope
   Mount Richthofen
   Howard Mountain
Peaks accessible from Grand Lake
Peaks accessible from Monarch Lake
Circuit trips in the Rocky Mountain National Park
   Estes Park to Grand Lake via Fall River trail and return via Flattop Mountain
   Grand Lake, Lulu Pass, Shipler Mountain, Specimen Mountain, and Fall River trail
   Estes Park to Grand Lake via Fall River trail, returning via Flattop trail, including the climbing of several peaks

PART III—General data

The high peaks of Colorado
Mountain peaks in Colorado exceeding 14,000 feet in altitude
Sunrise, sunset, and length of day
Curvature of the earth
Livery stables



I. Road and Trail Guide Map (omitted from the online edition)
II. Longs Peak and Chasm Lake
III. Longs Peak from Twin Sisters; Timberline Cabin
IV. Longs Peak Trail: Boulder Field and the Keyhole; the Keyhole
V. Map of Rocky Mountain National Park
VI. Crevasse in Arapaho Glacier; the Pit, Arapaho Glacier; the Arapahos
and the Glacier
VII. Taylor Glacier; Andrews Glacier; part of Sprague Glacier
VIII. Fern Lake
IX. Odessa Lake
X. Loch Vale: The Loch and Andrews Glacier; Sky Pond
XI. Longs Peak Trail: on the Shelf Trail; west side of Longs Peak from the Trough; Glacier Gorge from the top
XII. Longs Peak Trail: The Narrows; The Homestretch: Longs Peak and Glacier Gorge
XIII. The Mummy Range; Hallett Glacier
XIV. On Trail Ridge; Iceberg Lake
XV. Poudre Lake, Milner Pass; Specimen Mountain
XVI. Flattop Mountain and Hallett Peak; Hallett Peak from Flattop Mountain
XVII. Longs Peak from Hallett Peak; Glacier Gorge from Lake Mills
XVIII. Peaks of the Wild Basin: Mount Copeland from Copeland Lake; Ogalalla from Mount Copeland
XIX. Lakes of the Wild Basin: Bluebird Lake; a glimpse of Ousel Lake and Ousel Peak
XX. Paiute Peak; Snow Cornice on ridge between the St. Vrain Glaciers
XXI. South Arapaho Peak and the Glacier; ridge between North and South Arapaho Peaks
XXII. Arapaho Peaks from Silver Lake; Isabelle Glacier, Navajo Peak;on the Arapaho Ridge
XXIII. Mount Richthofen. Lulu Pass and Lulu Peak; nearly up Mount Richthofen
XXIV. Mount Baker; Grand Lake
XXV. Lake Nanita Gorge; Arapaho and Navajo Range from Mount Craig


1. Map showing railroad routes to Rocky Mountain and Mesa Verde National Parks.



"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like Autumn leaves."


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