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1. The Redwoods: A National Opportunity for Conservation and Alternatives for Action (Washington, 1964), pp. 18-19.

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5. Ibid., p. 25; Humboldt Standard, Nov. 10, 1913. No bid had been received for the Ward tract on November 10, 1913, when it had been offered for sale to settle the suit brought by Will Ward for a partition of the estate.

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11. Redwoods Meeting, Dec. 17, 1965. Secretary Udall, Director Hartzog, and Director Crafts met with Foundation representatives.

12. President's special message to the Congress asking for a Redwood National Park, Feb. 23, 1966; June 1966, Senate field hearings.

13. Aug. 1966, exchange of letters between Secretary Udall and Miller in regard to moratorium on redwood cutting.

14. On September 8, 1966, Senators Kuchel and Jackson announced at a joint-press conference that the timber companies had agreed to restrict their timber harvesting in areas under consideration for inclusion in the park. Secretary Udall on the same date issued a statement that the companies had agreed to the one-year moratorium in response to President Johnson's appeal.

15. President Johnson's special message to Congress, "Protecting our Natural Heritage," Jan. 30, 1967; Discussions mediated by Rockefeller with State of California and Department of the Interior; Ltr., Reagan to Aspinall, May 3, 1967; Ltr., Bureau of the Budget to Jackson & Aspinall, June 22, 1967; and Ltr., Reagan to Jackson, June 28, 1967.

16. Departmental report to 90th Congress, containing draft legislation and background statement, March 11, 1967.

17. Senate Report No. 641, 90th Congress, 1st Sess.

18. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, twofold leaflet; documents found in the history files, Jed Smith RSP. The largest redwood in the park is the Stout Tree, which measures 20 feet in diameter and 340 feet in height.

19. "Great Del Norte County Redwood Forest is Added to State Parks," reprinted from California Conservationist for December 1939. District State Park Superintendent E. P. French had stated that along the lower reaches of Mill Creek, he had found the heaviest stands of timber he had ever cruised.

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23. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, twofold leaflet; documents found in History files, Jed Smith RSP. These memorial groves were: Weilman, Krauss, Metcalf, Tyson, Jed Smith, and National Tribute. The 500 acres included in the National Tribute Grove is "preserved through the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution to honor those who served in the armed forces of the United States in World War II and to keep inviolate these primeval Sequoia sempervirens as an American Heritage." One-half the funds for the purchase of the National Tribute Grove was appropriated by the State of California. Funds for the acquisition of the Jed Smith Grove were contributed by Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Goethe of Sacramento and by the State of California.

24. Pacific Sun (San Rafael), Jan., 12, 1967. In the Smith River groves there were a number of redwoods over 300 feet tall and 12 feet in diameter. At this time, the State accepted title to the 10-acre Simpson Reed Memorial Grove. This grove was established for public enjoyment by the Simpson Timber Co., in memory of Mark E. Reed, its president from 1914-1933.

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31. Save-the-Redwoods League (1932) p. 2. The Leach Tract was also acquired by the State at this time.

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35. Documents found in History Files, Prairie Creek Redwood SP. Fred W Huggins had homesteaded this quarter section in 1913, and he and his wife, Mary, for 50 years had "preserved the beauty of the forest and seacoast."

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38. Ibid., Mrs. Johnson was accompanied on her trip to the Redwood County by 45 American and 15 foreign newspaper correspondents.

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