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This report has been prepared to satisfy the research needs as enumerated in Historical Resource Study Proposal RED-H-1, Basic Data Study, Redwood National Park. The area's historic sites have been identified, evaluated, and plotted on Historical Base Maps. Structures that are to appear on the list of Classified Structures have been identified, as well as the lands and resources to be designated Class VI in the Land Classification Plan. National Register Forms have been prepared for structures and historic districts nominated for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. As suggested by the Office of Resource Planning San Francisco Planning and Service Center, suggestions have been made for the possible inclusion within the Park of sites possessing historic significance adjacent to, but outside, the proposed boundaries.

A number of persons have assisted with the preparation of this report. Particular thanks are due Superintendent Nelson Murdock and the following members of his staff: Chief of Interpretation and Resource Management Lowell White and Maintenanceman Charles Stull. Richard Childs of Crescent City, besides providing valuable information on lumbering in Del Norte County, permited me to make copies of a number of photographs in his extensive collection. Mathew Davis of Crescent City provided information regarding rafting in the 1920s and 1930s on the Klamath, while Ray Chaffee of the Hunter Creek Community gave details of life in and around Requa in the 1920s and 1930s. The superintendents and the staffs of Jed Smith, Del Norte Coast, and the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks were cooperative and helpful, and made their historical files available for research. Historian Allen Welts of the California State Parks made important contributions. Allen Oattley and his staff of the California State Library, California Section, were helpful in pinpointing little known sources on their shelves, and The Del Norte Triplicate's Nate Bull guided me to local sources.

My colleagues Dr. John Hussey of the Western Regional Office and F. Ross Holland of the Office of Archeology & Historic Preservation were helpful in suggesting sources. Park Planner Bruce Black of the Western Planning & Service Center and Arthur C. Allen of the Division of Interpretation have read preliminary drafts of the report and have made valuable suggestions. Elmer Parker, Esau Jackson, and Robert Kvasnicka of the National Archives, were helpful in suggesting and locating unpublished documents.

To Frank Sarles I wish to extend thanks for proof-reading the final draft, and to Roy Appleman for reviewing my recommendations. Finally I wish to thank Mrs. Lucy Wheeler for the many hours she spent typing the manuscript, for her keen interest in its success, and for her editorial suggestions.

E. C. B.

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Last Updated: 15-Jan-2004