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Chuuk Historic Preservation Office


The Chuuk Historic Preservation Office (HPO), a branch of the Chuuk Department of Commerce and Industry, is the Chuuk government agency that is responsible for implementing a program of documenting, protecting and promoting historic sites in Chuuk. The officer in charge of this agency is designated the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO). This agency is partly funded by, and works closely with the USA Department of Interior. It is part of the USA National Parks Service network of Historic Preservation Offices that are located in all the States of America and its external territories.

The work of the Chuuk HPO includes the nomination of Chuukese sites for the USA National Register of Historic Places, and their ongoing documentation and protection. Sites that are currently on this Register include:

  • Fauba Archaelogical Site, Tol Island (Native Period)

  • Tonnachau Mountain, Weno Island (Native Period)

  • Wiichen Men's Meetinghouse, Weno Island (Native Period)

  • Japanese Army Headquarters, Roro, Tonoas Island (Japanese Period 1914-1945)

  • Japanese Lighthouse Allei Island, Puluwat Atoll, Truk Lagoon (Japanese Period 1914-1945)

  • St. Xavier Academy, Japanese Communication Centre, Weno Island (Japanese Period 1914-1945)

  • Tonotan Guns and Caves, Weno Island (Japanese Period 1914-1945)

  • Truk Lagoon Underwater Fleet (Japanese Period 1914-1945).

The Chuuk HPO has an advisory committee made up of community leaders and staff from other government agencies helping it to conduct an effective historic preservation program.

Contact details for the Chuuk HPO can be found at the end of this booklet. Please contact them if you want to discuss any aspect of historic preservation in Chuuk.