War in the Pacific: The First Year
A Guide to
the War in
the Pacific

Allied Pacific Counteroffensives

South & Central Pacific

China-Burma-India, Aleutians

Marines & Rikusentai

Submarines in the Pacific


War in the Pacific: The Pacific Offensive


The source for these Web pages was from a museum exhibit which was a cooperative effort between the National Park Service and the Arizona Memorial Museum Association.

The War in the Pacific: The Pacific Offensive guidebook is intended to provide visitors with a better understanding of the events surrounding the years of World War II in the Pacific, and the results and effects, both direct and indirect, of those events.

Technical Consultants
Jerry Berkley-Coats, University of Guam
George Boughton, University of Guam
Sean Cahill, National Park Service, Volunteer
Tadao Nakata, Nakata War Museum
Tony Palomo, U.S. Department of Interior
Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum