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Appendix (continued)

Checklist of Birds

Key to Symbols Used

W—Winter occurrence in park.
S—Summer occurrence in park.
P—Permanently occurring in park.
T—Fall and/or spring transient.
C—Common: Found on all visits to the proper habitat, during the proper season(s); often in large numbers.
FC—Fairly common: seen on a majority of visits to the proper habitat, during the proper season(s).
UC—Uncommon: present each year in proper habitat and season(s), but in small numbers.
R—Rare: irregular occurrence in small numbers, not predictable, and overlooked on many visits to the proper habitat, in the proper season(s).
•—Known to have nested in the park.
I—Irregular: status varies year to year.
Common Loon—R-W
Horned Grebe—UC-W
• Pied-billed Grebe—C-W; FC-S
White Pelican—C-W; R-S
• Brown Pelican—C-P
• Double-crested Cormorant—C-P
• Anhinga—C-P
Magnificent Frigate-bird—UC-W; FC-S
• Great White Heron—C-P
• Great Blue Heron—C-P
• Green Heron—C-P
• Little Blue Heron—C-P
• Cattle Egret—FC-P
• Reddish Egret—UC-P
• Common Egret—C-P
• Snowy Egret—C-P
• Louisiana Heron—C-P
• Black-crowned Night Heron—FC-P
• Yellow-crowned Night Heron—FC-P
• Least Bittern—UC-P
American Bittern—FC-W; R-S
• Wood Stork—C-W; R-S
• Glossy Ibis—UC-W; I-S (sometimes FC)
• White Ibis—C-W; FC-S
• Roseate Spoonbill—C-W; FC-S
American Flamingo—I-P (escaped birds?)
Fulvous Tree Duck—R or UC-W
• Mottled Duck—FC-P
Green-winged Teal—FC-W
Blue-winged Teal—C-W
American Widgeon—C-W
Wood Duck—R-W
Redhead—R-W Ring-necked Duck—C-W
Lesser Scaup—C-W; R-S
Ruddy Duck—FC-W
Hooded Merganser—UC-W
Red-breasted Merganser—C-W; R-S
• Turkey Vulture—C-P
• Black Vulture—C-P
• Swallow-tailed Kite—C-S (late Feb. to Aug.)
• Everglade Kite—I-P (no recent nesting in park)
Sharp-shinned Hawk—UC-T & W
Cooper's Hawk R—W
Red-tailed Hawk—UC-W; R-S (pines)
• Red-shouldered Hawk—C-P
Broad-winged Hawk—FC-T; UC-W
Swainson's Hawk—R-W
• Short-tailed Hawk—UC-W; R-S
• Bald Eagle—C-P
Marsh Hawk—C-W
• Osprey—C-P
Peregrine Falcon—UC-T & W
Pigeon Hawk—UC-T & W
Sparrow Hawk—C-W
• Bobwhite—C-P (pines)
• Turkey—R-P
• Sandhill Crane—UC-P
• Limpkin—UC-P
• King Rail—FC-P
• Clapper Rail—FC-P
Virginia Rail—R-W
• Purple Gallinule—UC-P
• Common Gallinule—FC-P
American Coot—C-W; R-S
Semipalmated Plover—FC-W; UC-S
Piping Plover—UC-W D Wilson's Plover—C-S; UC-W
Black-bellied Plover—C-W; UC-S
Ruddy Turnstone—C-W; UC-S
Common Snipe—FC-W
Long-billed Curlew—UC-W; R-S Whimbrel—UC-T & W
Spotted Sandpiper—FC-W
Solitary Sandpiper—UC-T; R-W
Greater Yellowlegs—C-W; UC-S
Lesser Yellowlegs—C-W; UC-S
Knot—UC-W; R-S
Pectoral Sandpiper—C-T; R-W
White-rumped Sandpiper—UC-T (spring)
Least Sandpiper—C-W; UC-S
Short-billed Dowitcher—C-W UC-S
Long-billed Dowitcher—UC-T; R-W
Stilt Sandpiper—FC-T; UC-W
Semipalmated Sandpiper—C-W; UC-S
Western Sandpiper—C-W; UC-S
Marbled Godwit—FC-W; UC-S
American Avocet—FC-W; UC-S
• Black-necked Stilt—C-S; R-W
Herring Gull—C-W; UC-S
Ring-billed Gull—C-W; UC-S
• Laughing Gull—C-P
Bonaparte's Gull—R-W
Gull-billed Tern—UC-P
Forster's Tern—C-W; UC-S
Common Tern—UC-T &W
Roseate Tern—R-W (may formerly have nested)
• Least Tern—C-S
Royal Tern—C-W; FC-S (may formerly have nested)
Sandwich Tern—UC-P
Caspian Tern—FC-W; UC-S
Black Tern—FC-T
Black Skimmer—C-P
• White-crowned Pigeon—C-S; R-W
White-winged Dove—R-W
• Mourning Dove—UC-P; C-T
• Ground Dove—FC-P
• Mangrove Cuckoo—UC-P
• Yellow-billed Cuckoo—C-S; R-W
Smooth-billed Ani—UC-P
Barn Owl—FC-W; R-S
• Screech Owl—UC-P
• Great Horned Owl—UC-P
Burrowing Owl—R-W
• Barred Owl—FC-P
Short-eared Owl—R-W
• Chuck-will's-widow—C-S; UC-W
• Common Nighthawk—C-S
Chimney Swift—R-T
Ruby-throated Hummingbird—FC-W
Belted Kingfisher—C-W; R-S
• Yellow-shafted Flicker—FC-P
• Pileated Woodpecker—FC-P
• Red-bellied Woodpecker—C-P
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker—FC-W
• Hairy Woodpecker—UC-P
• Downy Woodpecker—UC-P
• Eastern Kingbird—C-S; R-W
• Gray Kingbird—C-S; R-W
Western Kingbird—UC-T &W
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher—UC-T & W
• Crested Flycatcher—C-P
Eastern Phoebe—C-W
Least Flycatcher—UC-T &W
Eastern Wood Pewee—UC-T; R-W
Tree Swallow—C-W (irregular)
Bank Swallow—UC-T
Rough-winged Swallow—UC-T; R-W
Barn Swallow—C-T; R-W
Cliff Swallow—UC-T (fall)
Purple Martin—C-T
• Blue Jay—C-P
• Common Crow—C-P
Fish Crow—R-W
House Wren—C-W
• Carolina Wren—C-P
Long-billed Marsh Wren—UC-W
Short-billed Marsh Wren—FC-W • Mockingbird—C-P
• Brown Thrasher—C-W; R-S
Robin—I-W (absent to common)
Hermit Thrush—UC-W
Swainson's Thrush—UC-T; R-W
Gray-cheeked Thrush—UC-T
Eastern Bluebird—R-P (decreasing)
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher—C-W (Aug. to March)
Ruby-crowned Kinglet—UC-W
Cedar Waxwing—I-W (absent to fairly common)
• Loggerhead Shrike—UC-S; FC-W
• White-eyed Vireo—C-P
Yellow-throated Vireo—UC-T & W
Solitary Vireo—UC-W
Red-eyed Vireo—FC-T
• Black-whiskered Vireo—C-S
Black & White Warbler—FC-W & T
Prothonotary Warbler—UC-T
Swainson's Warbler—U C-T
Worm-eating Warbler—UC-T & W
Blue-winged Warbler—R-T & W
Tennessee Warbler—U C-T (fall)
Orange-crowned Warbler—C-W
Parula Warbler—C-T & W
• Yellow Warbler—C-P (West Indian race); FC-T (U.S. races)
Magnolia Warbler—UC-T; R-W
Cape May Warbler—FC-T; R-W
Black-throated Blue Warbler—C-T; UC-W
Myrtle Warbler—I-W (rare to fairly common)
Black-throated Green Warbler—U C-T & W
Blackburnian Warbler—UC-T; R-W
Yellow-throated Warbler—C-T & W
Black-poll Warbler—C-T (spring)
• Pine Warbler—C-P (pines)
• Prairie Warbler—C-P (Fla. race) C-T; FC-W (other races)
Palm Warbler—C-W
Ovenbird—C-T; UC-W
Northern Waterthrush—FC-T & W
Louisiana Waterthrush—FC-T; R-W
Kentucky Warbler—R-T & W
• Yellowthroat—C-P
Yellow-breasted Chat—UC-T & W
Wilson's Warbler—R-T
American Redstart—C-T; UC-W
• House Sparrow—C-P
• Eastern Meadowlark—C-P
• Red-winged Blackbird—C-P
Orchard Oriole—UC-T
Baltimore Oriole—UC-T &W
• Boat-tailed Grackle—C-P
• Common Grackle—C-P
Brown-headed Cowbird—UC-W
Summer Tanager—U C-T
• Cardinal—C-P
Rose-breasted Grosbeak—UC-T
Blue Grosbeak—UC-T; R-W
Indigo Bunting—FC-T; UC-W
Painted Bunting—FC-T & W
American Goldfinch—I-W
• Rufous-sided Towhee—C-P
Savannah Sparrow—C-W
Grasshopper Sparrow—FC-W
Sharp-tailed Sparrow—UC-W
• Cape Sable Sparrow—UC-P
Lark Sparrow—UC-T & W
Chipping Sparrow—R-W
Field Sparrow—UC-W
White-throated Sparrow—R-W
Lincoln's Sparrow—R-W
Swamp Sparrow—C-W
Song Sparrow—R-W

(Birds of questionable occurrence, or recorded in the park less than 10 times, are not included.)

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