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Checklist of Mammals

In this list, mammals not recorded but believed to occur in the park since they are known to occur in nearby parts of southern Florida, are marked (•). Introduced species (not native to the park) are marked (• •).


Opossum Family
   Didelphis marsupialis pigra: Opossum.


Shrew Family
   Blarina brevicauda peninsulae: Short-tailed Shrew.
   Cryptotis parva floridana: Florida Least Shrew.


A few bats have been seen in the park, but not collected or identified with certainty. Those listed below are definitely known from Dade, Monroe, or Collier Counties.

Vespertilionid Family
   • Dasypterus floridanus: Florida Yellow Bat.
   • Myotis austroriparius: Southeastern Myotis.
   • Nycticeius humerails subtropicails: Evening Bat.

Molossid Family
   Eumops glaucinus: Wagner's Mastiff Bat.
   • Tadarida brasilensis cynocephala: Brazilian Free-tailed Bat.


Armadillo Family
   • • Dasypus novemcinctus mexicanus: Nine-banded armadillo.


Hare and Rabbit Family
   • Sylvilagus floridanus paulsoni: Eastern Cottontail.
   Sylvilagus palustris paludicola: Marsh Rabbit.


Squirrel Family
   • Glaucomys volans querceti: Southern Flying Squirrel.
   Sciurus carolinensis matecumbei: Gray Squirrel. (Occurs in the park only in hammock at Key Largo.)
   Sciurus niger avicennia: Fox Squirrel.

New World Rats and Mice Family
   Neofiber alleni struix: Round-tailed Muskrat.
   • Neotoma floridana smalli: Eastern Wood Rat. (May occur in hammock at Key Largo.)
   Oryzomys palustris coloratus: Marsh Rice Rat.
   • Peromyscus floridanus: Florida Mouse.
   Peromyscus gossypinus: Cotton Mouse.
   Sigmodon hispidus: Hispid Cotton Rat.

Old World Rats and Mice Family
   • • Mus musculus brevirostris: House Mouse.
   • • Rattus rattus: Black Rat.


Beaked Whale Family
   • Mesplodon gervaisi: Gervais' Beaked Whale.
   • Ziphius cavirostris. Goose-beaked Whale.

Porpoise and Dolphin Family
   • Delphinus delphis: Atlantic Dolphin.
   Globicephala macrorhyncha: Pilot Whale.
   • Grampus orca: Atlantic Killer Whale.
   • Pseudorca crassidens: False Killer Whale.
   • Stenella frontalis: Cuvier's Porpoise.
   Tursiops truncatus: Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphin.

Fin-backed Whale Family
   • Balaenoptera acutirostrata: Little Piked Whale.

Baleen Whale Family
   • Eubalaena glacialis: Atlantic Right Whale.


Dog Family
   Urocyon cinereoargenteus: Gray Fox.

Bear Family
   Ursus americanus: Black Bear.

Raccoon Family
   Procyon lotor: Raccoon.

Weasel Family
   Lutra canadensis: River Otter
   Mephitis mephitis: Striped Skunk.
   Mustela vison evergladensis: Everglades Mink.
   • Spilogale putorius ambarvalis: Eastern Spotted Skunk.

Cat Family
   Fells concolor coryi: Cougar (Florida Panther).
   Lynx rufus floridanus: Florida Bobcat.


Earless Seal Family
   • Monachus tropicalis: West Indian Seal.


Manatee Family
   Trichechus manatus latirostris: Manatee.


Deer Family
   Odocoileus virginiana: White-tailed Deer.

Pig Family
   • • Sus scrofa: Domestic Pig. (Pigs from feral populations to the north occasionally get into the park.)

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