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National Park System Changes Since 1991

9/1/1959Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, DC (dedicated 5/2/1997)
11/10/1978Ebey's Landing NHReserve, WA (administratively changed from affiliated area 10/7/1992)
10/28/1986Korean War Veterans Memorial, DC (dedicated 7/27/1995)
5/24/1991Niobrara National Scenic River, NE
12/11/1991Mary McLeod Bethune Council House NHS, DC
2/24/1992Salt River Bay NHP and Ecological Preserve, VI
3/3/1992Manzanar NHS, CA
5/27/1992Hopewell Culture NHP, OH
8/26/1992Marsh-Billings NHP, VT
10/16/1992Dayton Aviation Heritage NHP, OH
10/21/1992Little River Canyon NPres, AL
10/26/1992Brown v. Board of Education NHS, KS
10/27/1992Great Egg Harbor Scenic and Recreational River, NJ
10/27/1992Keweenaw NHP, MI
10/31/1994Death Valley NP, CA-NV
10/31/1994Joshua Tree NP, CA
10/31/1994Mojave NPres, CA
10/31/1994New Orleans Jazz NHP, LA
11/2/1994Cane River Creole NHP, LA
11/12/1996Boston Harbor Islands NRA, MA
11/12/1996New Bedford Whaling NHP, MA
11/12/1996Nicodemus NHS, KS
11/12/1996Tallgrass Prairie NPres, KS
11/12/1996Washita Battlefield NHS, OK
10/9/1997Oklahoma City NMem, OK (administratively changed to an affiliated area 01/23/2004)
11/6/1998Little Rock Central High School NHS, AR
11/6/1998Tuskegee Airmen NHS, AL
11/29/1999Minuteman Missile NHS, SD
10/11/2000First Ladies NHS, OH
10/24/2000Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front NHP, CA
11/7/2000Sand Creek Massacre NHS, CO
11/22/2000Great Sand Dunes NPres, CO
01/17/2001Minidoka Internment NM, ID
01/17/2001Virgin Islands Coral Reef NM, VI
01/20/2001Governors Island NM, NY
05/28/2001World War II Memorial, DC
11/05/2001Adams Memorial, DC
01/10/2002Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, DC
02/06/2002Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home NHS, IL
08/21/2002Craters of the Moon NPres, ID
09/24/2002Flight 93 NMem, PA
12/19/2002Cedar Creek & Belle Grove NHP, VA
11/11/2003Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, DC
12/19/2003Carter G. Woodson Home, DC

10/25/1972Lower Saint Croix NSR, WI-MN (incorporated in Saint Croix NSR by NPS decision 2/1993)
10/31/1988Zuni-Cibola NHP, NM (authorized but not established by 10/31/1994 deadline)
5/27/1992Mound City Group NM, OH (incorporated in Hopewell Culture NHP)
7/21/1994John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, DC (transferred to Kennedy Center Trustees)
10/31/1994Death Valley NM, CA-NV (incorporated in Death Valley NP)
10/31/1994Joshua Tree NM, CA (incorporated in Joshua Tree NP)

6/7/1926Casa Grande NM redesignated Casa Grande Ruins NM (by NPS decision 12/1991)
12/10/1991Custer Battlefield NM redesignated Little Bighorn Battlefield NM
10/26/1992Fort Jefferson NM redesignated Dry Tortugas NP
10/14/1994Saguaro NM redesignated Saguaro NP
1995Delaware NSR redesignated Middle Delaware NSR (by NPS decision in Index)
1/1/1997Coulee Dam NRA redesignated Lake Roosevelt NRA
10/21/1998Marsh-Billings NHP redesignated Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP
11/2/1998Adams NHS redesignated Adams NHP
10/21/1999Black Canyon of the Gunnison NM redesignated Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP
10/11/2000Cuyhoga Valley NRA redesignated Cuyhoga Valley NP
11/22/2000Great Sand Dunes NM redesignated Great Sand Dunes NP
11/10/2003Congaree Swamp NM redesignated as Congaree NP
Unit total: 387 (of which nearly two-thirds are predominantly cultural)


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