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The National Parks:

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National Park System Additions 1917-33

Feb. 26Mount McKinley NP, Alaska (incorporated in Denali NP and NPres 1980)
June 29Verendrye NM, North Dakota (abolished 1956)

March 18Zion NM, Utah (incorporated Mukuntuweap NM; redesignated a NP 1919)
Aug. 3Casa Grande NM, Arizona (Casa Grande Ruin Reservation redesignated and transferred from General Land Office; redesignated Casa Grande Ruins NM 1926)
Sept. 24Katmai NM, Alaska (incorporated in Katmai NP and NPres 1980)

Feb. 26Grand Canyon NP, Arizona (incorporated 1908 Grand Canyon NM from Agriculture Dept.)
Dec. 12Scotts Bluff NM, Nebraska
Dec. 12Yucca House NM. Colorado

Oct. 21Fossil Cycad NM, South Dakota (abolished 1956)

Jan. 24Aztec Ruin NM, New Mexico (redesignated Aztec Ruins NM 1928)
March 2Hovenweep NM, Colorado and Utah
May 31Pipe Spring NM, Arizona
Oct. 25Carlsbad Cave NM, New Mexico (redesignated Carlsbad Caverns NP 1930)

May 2Craters of the Moon NM, Idaho
June 7Utah NP, Utah (1923 Bryce Canyon NM redesignated and transferred from Agriculture Dept.; redesignated Bryce Canyon NP 1928)
Dec. 9Wupatki NM, Arizona

Feb. 26Glacier Bay NM, Alaska (incorporated in Glacier Bay NP and NPres 1980)
Nov. 21Lava Beds NM, California

May 22Great Smoky Mountains NP, North Carolina and Tennessee
May 22Shenandoah NP, Virginia
May 25Mammoth Cave NP, Kentucky

Feb. 26Grand Teton NP, Wyoming
March 4Badlands NM, South Dakota (redesignated a NP 1978)
April 12Arches NM, Utah (redesignated a NP 1971)

Jan. 23George Washington Birthplace NM, Virginia
July 3Colonial NM, Virginia (redesignated a NHP 1936)

Feb. 14Canyon de Chelly NM, Arizona
March 3Isle Royale NP, Michigan

Feb. 25Bandelier NM, New Mexico (date transferred from Agriculture Dept., where proclaimed 1916)
March 17Great Sand Dunes NM, Colorado (redesignated a NP 2000)
Dec. 22Grand Canyon NM, Arizona (incorporated in Grand Canyon NP 1975)

Jan. 18White Sands NM, New Mexico
Feb. 11Death Valley NM, California and Nevada (incorporated in Death Valley NP 1994)
March 2Black Canyon of the Gunnison NM, Colorado (redesignated a NP 1999)
March 2Morristown NHP, New Jersey
Aug. 10Reorganization

Abbreviations Used in the Table
NB National Battlefield
NBP National Battlefield Park
NBS National Battlefield Site
NHP National Historical Park
NHS National Historic Site
NL National Lakeshore
NM National Monument
NMem National Memorial
NMP National Military Park
NP National Park
NPres National Preserve
NR National River
NRA National Recreation Area
NS National Seashore
NSR National Scenic River [changed from Riverway]
NST National Scenic Trail
WSR Wild and Scenic River

map of parks added 1917-1933

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