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Cover photo: LARO ranger and Park Service boat near northern end of Lake Roosevelt, ca. 1972. Photo courtesy of National Park Service, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area ("A Boater's Guide to Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake," draft ca. 1972, file K3819 Lake Roos. Boater's Guide, LARO.HQ.C10).



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Chapter 1. When Rivers Ran Free

Chapter 2. The River Becomes a lake

Chapter 3. A Long Road Lies Ahead: Establishing Lake Rooevelt National Recreation Area

Chapter 4. Agreements and Disagreements: From Tri-Party Agreement to Multi-Party Agreement

Chapter 5. Charting the Course: Managers and Management Issues

Chapter 6. Family Vacation Lake: Recreation Planning and Management

Chapter 7. Building and Maintaining the Park: Administrative and Visitor Facilities

Chapter 8. Changing Stories: Interpretation

Chapter 9. From Simple to Complex: Cultural Resources Management

Chapter 10. An Uphill Struggle: Natural Resources Management

Chapter 11. Regaining Ground: Leases and Special Use Permits

Chapter 12. Echoes of the Past: Future Issues

Appendix A. LARO Superintendents

Appendix B. An act for the acquisition of Indian lands for the Grand Coulee Dam and Reservoir, and for other purposes (Act of June 29, 1940)

Appendix C. Memorandum of Agreement Among the Bureau of Reclamation, National Park Service, and Office of Indian Affairs Relating to the Planning, Development, and Administration of the Coulee Dam Recreational Area (December 18, 1946)

Appendix D. Public Land Order 2087 (May 9, 1960)

Appendix E. Lake Roosevelt Cooperative Management Agreement (April 5, 1990)

Appendix F. Edward G. Torrison and Marlene J. Torrison, Husband and Wife, Plaintiffs v. Vaughn L. Baker, et al., Defendents (September 27, 2000)

Appendix G. Visitor Statistics

Annotated Bibliography.

Index (omitted from the online edition)

ARPAArchaeological Resources Protection Act
BIABureau of Indian Affairs (formerly known as Office of Indian Affairs)
BLMBureau of Land Management
BPABonneville Power Administration
CBASColumbia Basin Archaeological Survey
CBIACColumbia Basin Inter-Agency Council
CDAACoulee Dam Amphibious Aircraft Company
CCSOColumbia Cascades Support Office, Seattle
CCTColville Confederated Tribes
CMP Concessions Management Plan
CODACoulee Dam National Recreation Area, Coulee Dam Recreational Area (renamed Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area in 1997)
CorpsU.S. Army Corps of Engineers
CRMPCultural Resources Management Plan
CYCalendar Year
DAREDrug Abuse Resistance Education
DCPDevelopment Concept Plan
DOIDepartment of the Interior
DSCDenver Service Center
EAEnvironmental Assessment
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
FYFiscal Year
GCNCGrand Coulee Navigation Company
GMPGeneral Management Plan
HBCHudson's Bay Company
I & RMInterpretation and Resource Management
IAFIce Age Floods
ICCIndian Claims Commission
IPMIntegrated Pest Management
IRAIndian Reorganization Act
LAROLake Roosevelt National Recreation Area
LRCCLake Roosevelt Coordinating Committee
LRCMALake Roosevelt Cooperative Management Agreement
LRCOGLake Roosevelt Council of Governments
LRPOALake Roosevelt Property Owners Association
NAGPRANative American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
NHPANational Historic Preservation Act
NPCANational Parks and Conservation Association
NPPCNorthwest Power Planning Council
NRANational Recreation Area
OIAOffice of Indian Affairs (later Bureau of Indian Affairs)
ORVoff-road vehicle
PAProgrammatic Agreement
Park ServiceNational Park Service
ReclamationU.S. Bureau of Reclamation
RMPResource Management Plan
RRERoosevelt Recreational Enterprises
SCSSoil Conservation Service
SHPOState Historic Preservation Office
STISpokane Tribe of Indians
TVATennessee Valley Authority
USGSU.S. Geological Survey
VACVisitor Arrival Center
WPAWorks Projects Administration
YACCYoung Adults Conservation Corps
YCCYouth Conservation Corps

EWUEastern Washington University, Cheney
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LARO.FS.1107files maintained by LARO's Natural Resources Manager, Fort Spokane
LARO.HQ.ADMLARO's central files, park headquarters
LARO.HQ.CIOfiles maintained by LARO's Chief of Interpretation
LARO.HQ.LIBfiles or books available in LARO's library, park headquarters
LARO.HQ.PAOfiles maintained by LARO's Program Assistant's Office
LARO.HQ.RMOfiles maintained by LARO's Resource Manager's Office
LARO.HQ.SUPfiles maintained by LARO's Superintendent
LARO.HQ.100-USAfiles maintained in the attic at LARO headquarters
LARO.KF.2004files maintained by LARO's Archaeologist, Kettle Falls
NARA-PARNational Archives and Records Administration, Pacific Alaska Region, Seattle
NARA-PSRNational Archives and Records Administration, Pacific Sierra Region, San Bruno, California
n.d.not dated place
NPSNational Park Service
RGRecord Group
UIUniversity of Idaho
USBRU.S. Bureau of Reclamation
UWUniversity of Washington, Seattle
WASOWashington, D.C., Office, NPS
WPAWorks Projects Administration (Works Progress Administration)
WSAWashington State Archives, Olympia
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WSA-ERBWashington State Archives, Eastern Regional Branch, Cheney
WSUWashington State University, Pullman

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