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A long dreary winter! And for what? To drive a couple of hundred miserable aborigines from a desolate natural shelter in the wilderness, that a few thieving cattle-men might ranch their wild steers in a scope of isolated country, the dimensions of some several reasonable-sized counties.

Capt. J. G. Trimble in C. T. Brady,
Northwestern Fights and Fighters.

There was no question about the good fighting qualities of the Modocs. They were very brave and very skillful also and re pulsed all attacks with great loss to the troops and no particular loss to themselves.

Sgt. Michael McCarthy
"Army Sketches."

A. Strengths
B. Casualties
C. List of Units
D. List of Officers
E. List of Engagements
F. Weapons

stone structure
Although this stone structure at Gillem's Camp is not positively identified, it probably was a small corral. The bell tent in the background is believed to be General Canby's.


Modoc War
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