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Manuscript Material

Hagen, Olaf T., "Modoc War Correspondence and Documents, 1865-1878," May 1942, typescript, Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation, NPS. Approximately 1780 pages of documents selected from records in the National Archives, War Department, Presidio of San Francisco, University of California (Berkeley) Library, and the Applegate Collection. Arranged chronologically. Most, if not all, the military records in this collection are now in the National Archives. Where the Hagen typescript was used it was so identified because of the possibility of typographical errors.

McCarthy, Michael, "Journal of Michael McCarthy," Library of Congress. Sergeant McCarthy's journal contains the very important letter he wrote on the day Captain Jack was captured.

McCarthy, Michael, "Army Sketches," Library of Congress. This longer account by Sergeant McCarthy contains his reflections on the Modoc War. In 1873 he was a sergeant in Troop H, 1st Cavalry.

McLeod, Kenneth. Typescript of an interview taped at Lava Beds NM, November 1961. McLeod was a long-time resident of the Klamath Falls area. His grandparents were forced to flee their ranch at the beginning of the Modoc War. Were Mr. Mcleod still alive he would undoubtedly enjoy the controversy arising from some of his opinions concerning the war.

Miller, Col. William Haven, "Incidents of the Modoc War." Narrative made available to Dr. Ron Rickey by Miller's grandson, Capt. Charles F. Humphrey, Vallejo, Calif. Miller was a second lieutenant in Troop F, 1st Cavalry, during the Modoc War.

National Archives. Consulted sources in the National Archives included: Record Group (RG) 48, Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, Special File, Modocs, 1873. RG 92, Quartermaster Consolidated File, Fort Klamath, 1872-73. RG 94, Records of the Office of the Adjutant General: Modoc War, 1872-73, Document File; Fort Klamath, Post Medical History, 1872-73; and Medal of Honor File, Maj. John Green, 1st Cavalry. RG 98, Regimental Returns, 1st Cavalry and 4th Artillery, 1872-73; Fort Klamath Letter Books, vols. 6 and 7; and Fort Klamath, Letters Received, 1872-73. RG 29, Microfilm 666, 1871, Rolls 20, 21, and 22, Modoc Indians, 1871-72. Branch of Still Pictures. Branch of Cartographic Records.


The Yreka Union, 1872-73.
New York Herald, 1872-73.

Government Publications

Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Annual Reports, 1868-74.

Heitman, Francis B., Historical Register and Dictionary of the . . . United Army . . . 1788 . . . 1903, 2 vols. Washington, 1903.

House Documents, 43d Cong., 1st Sess., No. 122, Correspondence and papers relative to the Modoc War.

Manucy, Albert, Artillery Through the Ages, National Park Service Interpretive Series, History No. 3, Washington, 1949.

National Park Service, Soldier and Brave, vol. 12 The National Survey of Historical Sites and Buildings, New York, Harper and Row, 1963.

Periodicals and Articles

Army and Navy Journal, 1872-73

Dillon, Richard H., "Costs of the Modoc War," California Historical Society Quarterly, 28 (1949), 161-64.

Harper's Weekly, 1873

Illustrated London News, 1873

Lord, Francis A., "The Coehorn Mortar," Civil War Times Illustrated, 5 (August, 1966), 18-19.

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Trimble, Will J., "A Soldier of the Oregon Frontier," Oregon Historical Quarterly, 8 (1907), 42-50.

Wells, Harry S., "The Ben Wright Massacre," The West Shore, 10 (1884), 314-20.

Books and Pamphlets

Bancroft, Hubert Howe, History of Oregon, 2 vols. San Francisco, The History Company, 1888.

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Workers of the Writers' Program, WPA, Oregon, End of the Trail, American Guide Series, Portland, Binfords and Mort, 1940.

A company lined up as if prepared for an inspection at Gillem's Camp. Their uniforms are much neater than might be expected because of the low morale.


Modoc War
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