Legacy of the Gold Rush:
An Administrative History of Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
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I. Archival Collections

Alaska State Archives (ASA), Juneau:
     Alaska Development Board Records (RG 314)
     Department of Commerce and Economic Development (RG 08)
     Department of Economic Development (RG 15)
     Department of Health and Social Services (RG 06)
     Records of the State Governor (RG 01)
     Records of the Territorial Governor (RG 101)

Denver Public Library:
     Theodor (Ted) Swem Collection

National Archives, Alaska Region, Anchorage (NARA ANC):
     Bureau of Public Roads/Alaska Road Commission Collection (RG 30)
     U.S. Census Bureau Collection (RG 29)

National Park Service:
     Alaska System Support Office (AKSO), Anchorage:
          Cultural Resources (RCR) Collection
     Harpers Ferry Center, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia:
          National Park Service History Collection
     Klondike Gold Rush NHP (KLGO), Skagway:
          Administrative History Collection (AHC)
          Archives (RG 70)
          Central (Working) Files
          Chief Ranger's Files
          Historical (Library) Collection
          Photograph Collection
     Klondike Gold Rush NHP (KLSE), Seattle:
          Manuscript Collection

Parks Canada, Whitehorse:
     Chilkoot Trail Historical Collection.

State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), Anchorage:
     Historic Preservation Grant Files.

Trail of '98 Museum Collection, Skagway:
     Skagway City Council Minutes

University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF):
     E. L. "Bob" Bartlett Collection
     Ernest Gruening Collection
     Ralph Rivers Collection

White Pass and Yukon Route (WP&YR) Company Archives, Skagway.

White Pass and Yukon Route Collection, Yukon Archives, Whitehorse.

IIa. Government Reports (Federal)

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IIb. NPS Contract Reports and Other Unpublished Reports

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IIc. Government Reports (Territorial, State, or Municipal)

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III. Government Reports (Canadian)

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IV. Public Documents

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V. Newspapers

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VI. Books

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VIII. Interviews (by the author unless otherwise noted; locations provided for in-person interviews)

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Rector, Claudia, Skagway, September 6, 1995.

Reed, Bruce, Skagway, September 8, 1995.

Russell, Willie, by Sandra Faulkner, Seattle, August 31, 1989.

Russell, Willie, Seattle, July 21, 1994; October 19, 1994; May 5, 1995.

Sims, Richard, by Sandra Faulkner, Renton, Wash., August 24, 1988.

Smith, Judy, February 23, 1994.

Snow, David, March 21, 1995.

Spude, Robert, March 21, 1995.

Swem, Theodor, Denver, November 17 and 18, 1994.

Taylor, Marvin, March 19, 1996.

Ward, Robert, March 10, 1995.

Warder, John, February 22, 1995; May 11, 1995.

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