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The Archeological Survey: Methods and Uses






Introduction and Definitions

A Brief History of Archeological Survey

The Variety of Archeological Survey

Basic Archeological Site Survey Methods

Special Types of Survey

Recording and Reporting

Predictive Survey for Comprehensive Planning



Forms Used in Recording Archeological Survey Data

Archeological Predictive Studies

Example of an Archeological Review Procedure Using Predictive Data

Automated Management of Data and Research Results on Archeological Surveys

State Archeological Co-ops: Their Evolution, Dangers, and Value

The Archeological Survey: Methods and Uses
U.S. Dept. of the Interior


The author is grateful to the staff of Interagency Archeological Services, especially Lawrence Aten, Rex Wilson, and Jan Kopleck not only for affording me the opportunity to compose this paper and for their helpful comments and suggestions throughout the process, but for shouldering the burden of editing and publishing it. All the illustrations were skillfully drawn by Durward Potter, Jr. of Historic American Buildings Surveys. Early drafts of some chapters were read and commented on by Timothy Klinger, Hester Davis, Stephen Gluckman, Patricia Parker, C.R. McGimsey III, Fred Plog, and Margaret Weide. I am grateful for their advice and assistance but of course take full responsibility for the final content.

Portions of the paper are loosely derived from an unfinished manuscript called "Archeology Without Excavation" that I began preparing some years ago with advice and assistance first from George Jefferson and later from Robert Edwards. The base map and artist's conception of Griffin Valley were prepared by Nicholas del Cioppo for that manuscript. Although "Archeological Survey..." bears very little resemblance to "Archeology without Excavation", I am grateful to my colleagues in the original effort, and hope they will be pleased with the product that has at last emerged.

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