Building in an Ashen Land: Historic Resource Study
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I. Archival Collections

Alaska State Archives (ASA), Juneau:
     Records of the Territorial Governor, 1909-1958 (RG 101)
     Records of the Alaska Governor, 1959-present (RG 01)

Denali National Park and Preserve (DENA) Collection, Denali Park:
     Superintendent's Monthly Reports (MOMC)
     Chief Ranger's Monthly Reports (KATM)

Katmai National Park and Preserve, King Salmon:
     Active files (KATM)
     Superintendent's Annual Reports (SAR)

Lake Clark-Katmai (LAKA) Studies Center (NPS), Anchorage:
     Katmai Collection (previously housed at KATM headquarters, King Salmon)

National Archives, Anchorage, Federal Records Center (NARA ANC):
     Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, 1904-1960 (RG 22)
     National Park Service/Alaska Task Force Collection (RG 79)
     KATM/ANIA Administrative History Collection (RG 79)

National Archives, San Bruno, California (NARA SB):
     National Park Service Collection (RG 79)

National Archives, Washington, D.C. (NARA DC):
     National Park Service Collection (RG 79)

National Geographic Society (NGS), Washington, D.C.:
     Robert F. Griggs Collection

National Park Service, Alaska System Support Office (AKSO), Anchorage:
     Cultural Resources Division (RCR):
          National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) files
          Cultural Sites Inventory (CSI) files
          List of Classified Structures (LCS) files
     Lands Division (EL):
          Melgenak Case files
     Natural Resource Division (RNR) files

State Historic Preservation Office, Office of History and Archaeology, Anchorage:
     Alaska Historic Resource Survey (AHRS) files

University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA):
     Alaska Packers Association (APA) Collection
     National Geographic Society, Katmai Expedition Photograph Albums, 1913-1919
     Russian Orthodox American Messenger (ROAM), Alaska Index Project, 1896-1973

University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF):
     Alaska Commercial Company (ACC) Records, Kodiak District, Douglas Station
     E. L. "Bob" Bartlett Collection

II. Theses, Dissertations, and Unpublished Reports

Davis, Wilbur A., "Archeological Investigation of Inland and Coastal Sites of the Katmai National Monument," unpub. mss., March 4, 1954, in AKSO-RCR files.

DeArmond, Robert, "Fur Trails to Cook Inlet," unpub. mss., n.d., AHL.

Eicher, George J., "The Effects of Laddering a Falls in a Salmon Stream," unpub. ms., n.d. (1956?), in AKSO-RCR files.

Eicher, George J., "History of the Bristol Bay Investigation," unpub. mss., Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, April 25, 1967, in AKSO-RCR files.

Greenbank, John, "Sport Fish Survey, Katmai National Monument, Alaska," c. 1955.

IIIa. Government Reports (Federal)

Alaska Planning Group, Proposed Katmai National Park, Alaska, Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Washington?, Department of the Interior), December 1973.

Alaska Planning Group, Final Environmental Statement, Proposed Katmai National Park, Alaska (Washington?, Department of the Interior), 1974.

Alaska Planning Group, Katmai National Park, Alaska, A Master Plan (Washington, NPS), December 1973.

Antonson, Joan M. and William S. Hanable, Administrative History of Sitka National Historical Park (Anchorage, NPS), December 1987.

Been, Frank T., Field Notes of Katmai National Monument Inspection (McKinley Park, unpub. mss.), November 12, 1940, in AKSO-RCR files.

Berg, H. C., and E. H. Cobb, Metalliferous Lode Deposits of Alaska, USGS Bulletin 1246 (Washington, GPO), 1967.

Branson, John B., Bristol Bay, Alaska: From the Hinterlands to Tidewater; A Grassroots Pictorial, 1885-1965 (Anchorage, NPS), November 1998.

Breedlove, Bailey, Preliminary Draft, Basic Data, Advance Master Plan/Wilderness Research, Katmai National Monument, Shelikof Strait-King Salmon, Alaska (Anchorage, NPS), June 1969.

Brooks, Alfred Hulse, "Alaska's Mineral Resources and Production, 1923," in Mineral Resources of Alaska, Report on Progress of Investigations in 1923, USGS Bulletin 773 (Washington, GPO, 1925), 3-52.

Brown, William E., A History of the Denali-Mount McKinley Region, Alaska; Historic Resource Study of Denali National Park and Preserve (Santa Fe, NPS), 1991.

Burger, Carl, with James Lundeen and Anders Danielson, "Biological and Hydrological Evaluations of the Fish Ladder at Brooks River Falls, Alaska," draft report (Anchorage, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Fishery Research Center), June 1, 1985.

Cahalane, Victor, A Biological Survey of Katmai National Monument, Publication 4376 (Washington, Smithsonian Institution), 1959.

Carper, Robert L., List of Classified Structures Inventory, Katmai National Monument (Denver, NPS), April 1976.

Cook, Linda and Frank Norris, A Stern and Rock-Bound Coast; Kenai Fjords National Park Historic Resource Study (Anchorage, NPS), 1998.

Estus, Joaqlin, Harvey M. Shields, and David Snow, Historic Structure Report, Fure's Cabin, Bay of Islands, Naknek Lake, Katmai National Park and Preserve (Anchorage, USDI), 1984.

Melody Webb Grauman, Yukon Frontiers; Historic Resource Study of the Proposed Yukon-Charley National River, Cooperative Park Studies Unit, Anthropology and Historic Preservation, Occasional Paper Number 8 (Fairbanks, University of Alaska), November 1977.

Harrison, Laura Soullière, Architecture in the Parks; National Historic Landmark Theme Study Washington, NPS), November 1986.

Heard, William R., Richard L. Wallace, and Wilbur L. Hartman, Distribution of Fishes in Fresh Water of Katmai National Monument, Alaska and Their Zoogeographical Implications, Special Scientific ReportFisheries No. 590 (Washington, USF&WS), October 1969.

Hussey, John A., Embattled Katmai; Katmai National Monument Historic Resource Study (San Francisco, NPS), August 1971.

Kauffmann, John M., Katmai National Monument, Alaska; A History of Its Establishment and Revision of Its Boundaries (Washington, NPS), July 1954.

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Martin, George C., "The Alaska Mining Industry in 1918," in Mineral Resources of Alaska, Report on Progress of Investigations in 1918, USGS Bulletin 712 (Washington, GPO, 1920), 11-52.

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Morseth, Michele, Puyulek Pu'irtuq! The People of the Volcanoes: Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve Ethnographic Overview and Assessment (Anchorage, NPS), December 1998.

NPS, Draft Environmental Assessment, Brooks Falls Fish Ladder, Katmai National Park and Preserve, May 1987.

NPS, Final Environmental Statement, Proposed Wilderness, Katmai National Monument, Alaska (Seattle?, the author), June 13, 1974.

NPS, General Management Plan, Wilderness Suitability Review, Land Protection Plan, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska (Denver, the author), October 1986.

NPS, Master Plan Brief for Katmai National Monument, September 3, 1965.

NPS, Master Plan for the Preservation and Use of Katmai National Monument, September 30, 1960.

NPS, Mission 66 Prospectus for Katmai National Monument, April 1956.

NPS, Mission 66 for Katmai National Monument, May 1957.

NPS, Natural Resource Management Policies (NPS-77), 1991.

NPS, The National Parks: Index 1997-1999 (Washington, GPO), 1997.

Neuman, Melanie and Kim Heacox, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Katmai Coast Field Season Report (King Salmon, NPS), 1985.

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Stroud, George and Lynn Fuller, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Field Season Report, 1984.

Sumner, Lowell, Special Report, Katmai, Master Plan Field Study, September 5-13, 1963 (Washington, NPS), October 1963.

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U.S. Department of the Interior, Annual Report of the Governor of Alaska (Washington, GPO), editions of 1918 through 1931.

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IIIb. Government Reports (State or Territorial)

Environmental and National Resources Institute, Overview and Assessment of Katmai National Park and Preserve (Anchorage, Univ. of Alaska), 1993. (This was written by, though not credited to, William L. Sheppard and David P. Staley.)

MacDonald, Lewis G., "Chronological History of Salmon Canneries in Central Alaska," Alaska Fisheries Board Annual Report 3 (1951), 71-84.

MacDonald, Lewis G., "Chronological History of Salmon Canneries in Western Alaska," Alaska Fisheries Board Annual Report 2 (1950), 57-62.

Nickerson, Richard B., A Critical Analysis of Some Razor Clam (Siliqua patula, Dixon) Populations in Alaska (Juneau, Alaska Department of Fish and Game), July 1975.

Roehm, J. C., Preliminary Report on Some Pumicite Deposits, Katmai National Monument, Alaska, Territorial Department of Mines Report MJ-126-1, September 1947.

Roehm, J. C., Summary Report of Mining Investigations in the Kvichak Precinct, Alaska, June 13 to July 6, 1941, Alaska Territorial Department of Mines Report 195-31.

Territory of Alaska, Department of Mines, Report of the Commissioner of Mines, biennial editions of 1947-48, 1949-50, and 1951-52.

IV. Newspapers

Anchorage Daily Times, various issues, 1929 to 1981.

Borough Post (Naknek), November 24, 1989.

Russian Orthodox American Messenger, various issues, 1896-1973, translated by Richard Bland, May 1999.

Seward Gateway, various issues, 1911-1941.

Seward Weekly Gateway, various issues, 1904-1911.

V. Books

Alaska Travel Publications, Exploring Katmai National Monument and the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes (Anchorage, the author), 1974.

Albright, Horace M., as told to Robert Cahn, The Birth of the National Park Service; The Founding Years, 1913-33 (Salt Lake City, Howe Brothers), 1985.

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VI. Articles

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VII. Interviews

Blinn, Gil, by William S. Hanable, August 26, 1988.

Eicher, George, by Janet Clemens, April 22, 1999.

Eicher, George, by William S. Hanable, September 1989.

Meldrum, Janis, by Frank B. Norris, June 9, 1993.

Monsen, Melvin, by John Branson, July 9, 1998.

Morris, David K., by William S. Hanable, November 2, 1989.

Roy Fures cabin
Roy Fures cabin at Bay of Islands. NPS-AKSO

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