The Search for the Lost Riverfront
Historical and Archeological Investigations at the Chalmette Battlefield, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve
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List of Illustrations (General Introduction)
General Acknowledgements
Acknowledgements: Parts I and II
List of Contributors
General Introduction
Bibliography to the General Introduction

Part I: The New Orleans Campaign of 1814-1815 and the Chalmette Battlefield (PDF)
Jerome Greene

1. The Historic Scene

2. The Defense of New Orleans

3. The British Advance and the Night Battle of December 23, 1814

4. Jackson's Line at Rodriguez Canal

5. The Affairs of December 28 and January 1

6. Final Preparations

7. The Last Battle, January 8, 1815

8. Aftermath

9. The Battlefield and Environs in Later Years

Appendix: List of Officers and Men Serving at the Batteries


Part II: Historical Investigations of the Civilian Occupation of the Chalmette Battlefield (PDF)
Jill-Karen Yakubik

10. Introduction

12. The Chalmet Plantation

13. Discussion and Conclusions


Part III: Archeological Investigations of the Chalmette Riverfront
Ted Birkedal (Editor)

Section 1 (PDF)

14. Introduction to the Archeological Research
Ted Birkedal

15. Magnetic Survey Methodology
John Coverdale, Kenneth Holmquist, and Larry Murphy

16. Test Excavations
Ted Birkedal

17. Revised Historical Geography of the Chalmette Battlefield
Ted Birkedal

18. Magnetic Survey Results and Interpretation
Ted Birkedal

Section 2 (PDF)

19. Analysis of the Ceramics
Jill-Karen Yakubik

20. Other Artifacts
Ted Birkedal, Michael B. Stanislawski, and John R. Stein

21. Faunal Remains
Ted Birkedal and Gary B. DeMarcay

22. Summary and Conclusions
Ted Birkedal

Appendix A: Soil Tests At Chalmette Unit
Larry Trahan

Appendix B: Soil Sample Analyses
Larry Trahan

Appendix C: Aerial Photographic Sources
Ted Birkedal


Index (PDF)

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